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Assessment Report Worksheet #3

Directions & Recommendations for Development


Directions & Recommendations for Development


[Name of Unit/Office/Program]


[Assessment Period Covered] This refers to either section 2-3 & 2-4 and is a one year period – same as  - same as 2-2


[Formative Assessment] refers to if the program/project activities are being implemented as designed – this occurs during the first year of the college’s two year assessment cycle – same as 2-3


[Summative Assessment] refers to if the desired outcomes/objectives were met – this occurs during the second year of the college’s two year assessment cycle – same as 2-4


[Submitted by & Date Submitted] Should be submitted by the program/office head and the date is the date submitted to the Assessment Committee


[Evaluation Question] A separate sheet is required for each evaluation question.  The evaluation questions are found in section 2-11 of the assessment plan worksheet #2.


[First Means of Assessment] This process is repeated as many times as needed to address all data sources or groupings of data sources.  Note that these sections do not need to be detailed but summarize data, analysis and recommendations.  Appendix may be included to support the analysis.  

3-8 [Means of Unit Assessment & Criteria for Success] This is primarily the data or grouping of data sources.  Examples: a survey is given for customer satisfaction.  The previous survey indicated a satisfaction rate of 75%.  The criteria for success are set at maintaining the current rate.  A portfolio is required of all education students with a standardized rubric used for scoring.  A score of 3 might be required for satisfactory completion of the course/program outcomes.

3-9 [Summary of Assessment Data Collected] This is a summary of the analysis of the data and a statement of if the data and if the criteria for success set forth in 3-8 was achieved.  Again, this section does not have to be extensive (details can be included as an attachment) but show summarized your analysis and if you met the established criteria for success.  If you are using a rubric, you might show the distribution of scores.  If you are using descriptive statistics, often a table will be appropriate showing the tabulation of the data.  Survey data might be highlighted with detailed listing attached.

3-10 [Use of Results to Improve Program/Unit Impact/Services] This section is the closing the loop of the continuous improvement cycle.   Based on the summary of assessment data collected, was the expected improvement reached.  Are the recommendations for future improvement based on the data and analysis presented?  

Note: For examples of the 3-8 to 3-10 see the various assessment books by James O. Nichols and Karen W. Nicholas such as A Roadmap for Improvement of Student Learning and Support Services through Assessment.  

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