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Assessment Committee Assessment Plan Review & Checklist – Administrative & Student Services

Program/Service Area:

Assessment Committee Member:


Please mark your response to the following statements (numbers before the statements represent the appropriate sections from the Assessment Plan Worksheet (worksheet #2) :



NI (needs improvement or more information)


2-1 Unit/Office/Program: The unit/office/program is identified.  

2-2 Assessment Period: The assessment period is identified.  Generally, this is a one year period and is aligned with the timeline in Appendix E of the IAP handbook regarding Program Review and Assessment Timeline.  

2-3 & 2-4 Formative or Summative Assessment: Either the formative or summative assessment category is checked depending on where the unit/office/program is in regarding its two year improvement assessment cycle.  Generally the first year of the assessment cycle is devoted to formative assessment or ensuring that the improvement plan is being implemented as designed.   The second year of the assessment cycle is devoted to summative assessment or determining what was the actual impact of the improvement activities.  You can also see the glossary section of the IAP handbook for the definitions and differences between formative and summative assessment.  Formative assessment is conducted prior to summative assessment.

2-5 Submitted by & Date: The person directly responsible for completing the assessment plan submits the assessment plan to the committee.  Generally, this is the office or program head.  The assessment plan should be submitted in line with Appendix E of the IAP handbook regarding Program review and assessment timelines.

2-5a Endorsed by: Has the plan been endorsed by the appropriate supervisors.  Examples might be IC/DAP or SSC, Campus Director, Vice Presidents.  

2-6 College Mission: The approved college mission is included in the plan.  

2-7 College Strategic Goals: The appropriate college’s strategic goals that the service area addresses are referenced.  Generally, a office or program will concentrate on one or two strategic goals.  Assessment plans for vice presidents, campus directors, program coordinators, etc. may address multiple strategic goals.  

2-8 Unit/Office/Program Mission: The program mission submitted should follow the guidelines for mission development in the Administrative and Support Services Assessment Section of the Handbook IAP handbook.  Administrative and students services missions should generally have a philosophic statement regarding the orientation of their office or program and a listing of services.  The mission should have previously been endorsed by the appropriate college committee and approved by the college President.  

2-9 Unit/program goals:  Improvement goals are included that represent the long term aspirations of the program and follow the SMARTer (Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound) approach to goals development.  The program goals have been endorsed by the appropriate committee and approved by the President.  A copy of the approved worksheet # 1 should be attached to the assessment plan.  

2-10 Unit/program outcomes/objectives:  Improvement objectives are included that represent what the unit/program will accomplish in the specified assessment

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