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KNX@Home - Tutorial for the first start

7. In this window you can name the different switches (data-points), which you can use to build your virtual home in the browser application. The following steps explain you in short form, how you can name a data-point.

  • 1.

    Push the switch you want to name three times and then click the “Reload”

  • 2.

    Now you see the bus messages from your system in this chart. You can mark one of the three lines.

  • 3.

    In the field “Name” you can appoint your switch, for example “living room”.

  • 4.

    Push the button “+” and the group address appears in the label with number five.

  • 5.

    Now you have to mark this group address.

  • 6.

    The last step is now to add the switch in the “Data-Points”-list with button “Add->”

  • 7.

    In this list you can find now the data point with group address and associated name, for example “living-room”.

  • 8.

    You can test your switch by marking it in the “Data -Points”-list and afterward clicking “Test”.

  • 9.

    In “Help” you can get information about the other functions in the advanced modus.


8. Now go back to KNX-Admin and start the “Wizard”

The “Wizard” is subdivided in four steps and brings to you the same result like “Advanced”, but the “Wizard” is an accompanying document which helps you to find the right group address. The following picture and the statements in the left column may help you to name a data-point.


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