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The Ridges Homeowners Association

Monthly Board Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ramsay Residence

Call to Order  

The meeting was called to order at 6:44 p.m. by Paul Prusa  

Those in attendance and constituting a quorum were:

Present:  Paul Prusa, Susan Ramsay, Mary Smith, Penny Rosso and John Bednar

Absent:  Heather Vogler-Fischer and John Obermiller

Others Present:  Sam Baratta, HOA Manager

Approval of Minutes  August Board meeting minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Cash Flow Statement for July was reviewed.

Water costs were $646.79 for August as the remaining sewer credit with MUD has been depleted.

Crimson Ridge residents requested that a portable restroom be provided for their annual camp out.  Social Functions expense for the Crimson Ridge camp out was discussed.  The Board approved the $75 anticipated cost for a portable restroom.  Next year, all residents should be made aware they are welcome to attend the event if it is to continue as a RHOA event.

Delinquent Dues for 2009 are $40,614.18.  Additionally, past delinquent dues, interest and fees are $38,840.  89 delinquent homeowner lots currently have liens on file.

Bid Proposals were reviewed.

Holiday Bright Lights submitted a bid for $11,315 to install, remove & store existing seasonal entrance lights.  Proposals from other lighting contractors may be solicited before a decision is made.

ACTION ITEM 9/09-3 for Baratta & Ramsay:  Sam & Susan will meet on 9/14 at Holiday Bright Lights to look at options for seasonal entrance lights.

Bids will be solicited for 2010 ROW & CA Mowing & related expenses, mailbox door and sign repainting.

Bids will be solicited for 2010 Annual Flowers with a suggested maximum limit of $25,000.

8/19 email – Eden Tree Pros submitted a bid for $370 to remove 3 trees & stumps.  The Board approved.

Old Business

CA Maintenance Assistance Agreement offers to the WHH & WHP Boards were discussed.  

ACTION ITEM 9/09-4 for Baratta & Ramsay:  Sam will compile an itemized list of 2008 expenses related to the 2009 Agreement.  Susan will send an email to the WHH & WHP Boards with expense information, and reminders that terms are non-negotiable and a signed Agreement must be returned by the October 1 deadline.

Insurance Coverage options were reviewed.  

ACTION ITEM 9/09-5 for Baratta:  Sam will verify current policy cancellation guidelines and prepare a detailed comparison of specific coverage differences offered by the various proposed policies.

ROW Maintenance Update was presented by Ramsay.  Covenants state that RHOA-owned CA and equipment, landscape easement areas and ROW may be maintained by RHOA.  Maintenance of private property is prohibited.  Some ROW, near entrances and adjacent to homeowner property along Shadow Ridge Dr and Center Ridge Dr, is platted with RHOA landscape easements.  There is no RHOA landscape easement along 189th St or adjacent to Shadow Ridge Country Club property.  ROW extends 12.5’ from the curb on most residential streets.  This may have an effect on 2010 maintenance provided by RHOA in these areas.

ACTION ITEM 9/09-6 for Ramsay:  Susan will update neighborhood map provided to various grounds care and landscape vendors to assist in more comprehensive bidding.

HOA Manager’s Report by Sam Baratta

Maintenance/Repair Update:

23 mailbox address labels were re-attached.

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