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Toshiba’s Commitment to the Environment

Toshiba is committed to playing a leading role in helping establish a sustainable society. At Toshiba, we recognize the earth is an irreplaceable asset, and we believe it is the duty of humankind

to hand it over to future generations as we found it, if not in better condition.

Accordingly, Toshiba promotes solid environmental management

practices across all its products and business processes, focusing on prevention of global warming, control of chemical substances, and efficient utilization of resources. We firmly believe in the importance of a commitment to environmental excellence as well as a clear understanding of how our environment is affected by what we do. With this in mind, Toshiba strives at all times to create products that will have minimal environmental impact throughout their lifecycles.

Our corporate responsibility

At Toshiba Telecommunications Systems Division (TSD), green policies are not a new trend or marketing gimmick. They’re integral to our standing as a responsible Corporate citizen and our role as an environmental steward. And while other companies struggle to incorporate green ideas into the same old ways of doing business, we’ve been actively applying Green policies for over a decade.

We have a plan

It’s called Environmental Vision 2050, and it’s aimed at balancing every stage of the product lifecycle for the highest eco-efficiency. It’s followed by every company in the Toshiba Group. Green thinking is also an integral part of how we work: integrating the three Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) into our daily business procedures.

We work the plan

From product development, to manufacturing, to distribution, to final disposal, Toshiba thinks about the impact of our products on the environment, and created a roadmap for addressing each stage.

  • We meet or exceed high environmental standards, like RoHS, WEEE, and JIG. The result? We’ve kept tons of toxic chemicals and other substances out of the ecosystem. Toshiba’s IPedge® and Strata® CIX™ systems, 4000-series and 5000-series business IP and digital telephones, and IP4100 SIP DECT telephones are RoHS compliant. In addition, IPedge and Strata CIX products are compliant with environmental guidelines, such as those defined in the Joint Industry Guide issued by the Electronics Industry Alliance (EIA).

  • We pursue greener ways of producing our manufactured components and select green components from our suppliers whenever possible.

  • We reassessed our packaging design. TSD eliminated foam polystyrene materials from interior packaging materials and replaced them with eco-friendly, recyclable materials with no loss to product protection.

  • We design responsible migration strategies that enable our customers to reuse existing equipment like cabinets, interface cards, and endpoint devices.

  • We plan for our products’ eventual disposal in an earth- friendly way and encourage participation in appropriate recycling programs.

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