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officer shall be stored at or near the treatment facility.  These documents shall be made available to Regional Water Board staff during inspections.   No O&M Manual shall be submitted to the Regional Water Board office, unless requested.


Self-Monitoring Reports shall be submitted by uploading it on Geo-Tracker on a quarterly calendar basis, no later than 45 days following the last day of the quarter.  The laboratory results shall be summarized in tabular form, but the laboratory data sheets need not be included in the reports (unless requested). The reports shall summarize the monitoring data and include information such as the sample location (extraction well(s), influent, effluent, or receiving water); the constituents analyzed; the analytical methods used; the laboratory reporting limits in micrograms per liter (ug/l); the sample results (ug/l); the date sampled; and the date samples were analyzed. A summary of quality assurance/quality control data such as field, trip, and laboratory blank results shall be reported for each analyzed constituent or group of constituents. These reports shall also include a description of the operation and maintenance of the groundwater extraction and treatment system.  An annual report summarizing system operation and maintenance for the last four quarters shall be prepared and submitted no later than February 15 of the following year.  The last calendar quarter monitoring report may be combined with the annual report.  The annual report shall document that the annual fee has been paid.  


I understand that it is the responsibility of any person proposing to discharge to a storm drain system or other watercourses to obtain authorization to discharge from the agency having jurisdiction over the use of the storm drain system or watercourse.  I also understand any discharge authorization granted by the Regional Water Board is conditional and may be terminated at any time.  


A Check for $5,688 is attached.


Tables ___ through ____ in Attachment 5 of this NOI list all pollutants of concern in each extraction well, influent or projected influent, and effluent or projected effluent including the data suggested in Table 7.  Unless requested, no laboratory reports have been included in this NOI.

Table 7. Suggested format for listing pollutants

Pollutant 1

Pollutant 2

Pollutant 3

Add Columns and/or tables as needed

Number of Samples

Maximum Concentration

Average Concentration

Median Concentration

Minimum Concentration

Number of Non-Detects

Attachment B – Notice of Intent FormB-6

Order No. R2-2006-0075, Fuel General NPDES Permit No. CAG912002

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