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Initialization - What is it? Initialization - What if the unit will not initialize?

I have a GM Truck and the “Check Engine” light is on after remote starting. What should I do?

The vehicle cranks but fails to actually start

My 3 button remote control will lock the doors but will not unlock them.

My 5 button remote will not control lock/unlock individually.

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Initialization is a process which proves to the unit that you have connected the required safety features and that the unit has been installed in an automatic vehicle. See “Initializing the Remote Starter” in the manual.

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO INITIALIZE or INSTALL ANY AUTOMATIC UNIT ON ANY MANUAL TRANSMISSION VEHICLE! Attempting to force an automatic unit to function on a manual stick-shift vehicle could result in serious property damage or personal injury!

Is the unit already initialized? Make sure the switch is not upside down. Toggle the switch off and then back to on. As the switch is turned on, the LED light on the unit (or that plugs into the unit) will flash once if the unit is initialized.

One of the ignition wires may have voltage on it. Make sure all ignition wires measure a “dead” 0 volts when the key is “off.” (It is normal to measure a small amount of voltage from the unit’s start wire.)

Check that there is 12 volts on the orange wire in the control harness only when the brake is pressed. Check that there is continuity to ground on the purple wire in the control harness only when the hood is

open. (A good way to test both the hood and brake at the same time is to connect a test light – the kind with a real light bulb

  • with one lead to the orange wire and the other lead from the test light connected to the purple wire. If you open the

hood and press the brake, the light will illuminate if both connections are correct.)

You may have the wrong start wire. Make sure the yellow start wire from the unit is connected to a wire in the vehicle which shows 12 volts only when the key is in the start (cranking) position. The wire should have power at no other time.

Did you mistakenly switch the “in-gear” switch inside the module? If so, the unit will not initialize. This switch disables transmission in-gear sensing, and should only be switched if you have been instructed by a technician to do so or you are getting a diagnostic code of 5 flashes.

Your vehicle may not have a neutral safety switch, such as pre 95 GM rear-wheel drive vehicles or Dodge Dakotas built prior to 1996. Try this: Open the hood and place your foot on the brake. Start the vehicle with the key. Turn the engine off and release the brake. If all of your connections are correct the unit should be initialized at this point.

Try bypassing the toggle switch temporarily in case a wire or connection to it is broken. Just unplug the switch and jump across the two pins on the module that the switch plugs into with any metal object. As you jump (short) the two pins together the LED should flash if the unit is initialized. NOTE- DO NOT short any toggle switch wire to ground or probe the connector with a test light. Doing so may damage the unit. You most likely have one of the ignition wires connected wrong. Make sure you have connected:

From Unit



Ign1 (Blue) Ign2 (Green) ACC(White)

_______________________________ PINK (hot in run and start) WHITE or PINK/WHITE (hot in run and start) ORANGE (hot in run only)

If you have the ignition wires connected as above and still have a check engine light it is possible the unit has been programmed to have ignition 2 “off during crank.” Please review the programming options within the installation manual. Please see “What is the diagnostic code and how do I get it?” Follow the steps for the diagnostic code you receive. You are probably missing one of your second or third ignition wires. Or if it is a Nissan – you probably have 2 starter wires which need to be shorted together. Re-program the transmitter. Use the left button when teaching 3 button remote controls. When programming the 5 button remote, use the start button. (Refer to the installation manual for the complete steps on how to make the unit enter the code learning process.)


Trouble Shooting v4-1

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