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For Your Safety, never install an automatic unit into a manual transmission (stick-shift) vehicle! Serious property damage or personal injury including death may occur! Instead, use one of our special manual transmission units, which will operate safely in a manual transmission vehicle.

When testing wires use only a digital multimeter, unless otherwise instructed. A test light (especially the kind with a real light bulb) can severely damage electrical components in modern vehicles if used improperly. Also, “computer safe” LED type test lights - with a red and/or green LED- are NOT airbag safe! NEVER test ANY wire within an airbag system harness.

Always roll down at least one window in the vehicle before beginning work. This will prevent you from being accidentally locked out of the vehicle.

It’s okay to have a battery charger on the battery while you are working on the vehicle, but the car starter will not function correctly with the charger attached.

Specific vehicle information is available directly from www.designtech-intl.com. If you have trouble with the colors in the wiring guide "matching up" then you may be in the wrong harness. You can make sure you are in the correct harness by unplugging the wires. For example: With the ignition switch, if you unplug it and then the vehicle no longer cranks, the blower and radio do not work, and the vehicle is for all purposes "dead" with the key- then you have found the “ignition switch harness.” (Otherwise, you will need to continue searching...) The same technique can be used for the brake, lights, horn, etc. Once you are sure you are in the correct harness, if the wire colors still fail to match up then you will have to test the wires using a digital multimeter. It is always best to verify any wire before connecting to it.

Most of the common questions that people ask are actually answered within the installation manual. Make sure you have thoroughly reviewed it before calling for technical support. We recommend going through the installation manual with two different colored markers. Read through each step and check it off after you have read it. Use the second marker to make a check when you have completed the step in the vehicle. This will help to make sure you have completed all steps, and that you have not missed any features the unit offers.

Some General Comments:

Vehicle only remote starts if I flip the toggle switch off and back on

The car turns off when the brake is pressed- but as soon as I release the brake the vehicle starts again The lights flash (and maybe even the horn) when I step on the brake. The unit tries 2 or 3 times before getting the vehicle up and running

This condition is perfectly normal. This is a safety feature designed to prevent unauthorized starting. If you have forgotten to flip the switch off and back on, you can still remote start the vehicle. Just hold the start button down for 6 to 10 seconds instead of the usual 1 second. If you do not like this safety feature, it can be permanently bypassed by programming option 7, explained under "Setting Programming Features" or a similar section within the installation instructions. The remote input wire available on some units (usually a red/white) may be connected to ground. The remote input wire should be taped up if not being used so that it does not touch ground.

The alarm has been armed and triggered – even if you did not hook it up. If the alarm features are not being used, you must ground the ‘alarm trigger’ wire permanently, or set option 24 if available.

Program extended crank, or use tach mode.

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