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Remote Car Starter Installation Manual for Model 40027, 40027T - page 5 / 20





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4 flashes

5 flashes

Received another remote input from the transmitter (remote pressed before unit completed its cycle). Transmission was shifted into gear. Move the In-Gear switch inside the receiver module to the OFF position (see diagram below for location of In-Gear switch inside module case).

6 flashes

7 flashes 8 flashes

12 flashes

Low battery voltage, or may be missing an ignition wire which powers up the alternator Alarm was triggered while remotely running. Over current - One of the 400 mA (-) transistor outputs (Lock, unlock, horn, lights, trunk, or Ignition #3) of the control har- ness is driving too much current. Make sure to use a relay where necessary. The Control Switch was turned off while the starter was run- ning.

Feature # Factory Setting (Green LED)

Option (Red LED)

1 2 3 4 5

“No-Tach” 10 Min. Run Time Normal Crank Alarm Normal

Tach Mode 15 Min. Run Time Extended Crank No Alarm Ignore Voltage Meter


Single Pulse Door Unlock

Double Pulse Door Unlock

7 8

“Enable” feature Normal

No “Enable” Daytime Running Lights

23. Setting Program Features: The remote starter unit has many special features available. You will not need to use these special features in most situations. The factory settings will operate most vehicles.

Option #1


Tach Mode

This option sets the starting method. The factory setting uses “No-Tach” starting. If you wish to use the tach to start, follow the instructions in the Tach Rate Learning section (step 12B).

Option #2

10 Min. Run Time

15 Min. Run Time

This option gives you a choice of run times.

Option #3

Normal Crank

Extended Crank

This option will add 50% more crank time to the NoTach™ starting feature.

Option #4


No Alarm

This option will disable the alarm features. Program is option if the alarm

will not be used.

Option #5


Ignore Voltage Meter

This option allows the minum battery voltage to drop to 11 for remote start- ing. This option is helpful when dealing with a vehicle with a poor charging

system. Option #6

Single Pulse Door Unlock

Double Pulse Door Unlock

This option will unlock the door twice each time the unlock button on the

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transmitter is pushed. This is used when the first unlock pulse disarm the factory alarm and the second pulse is used to unlock the doors.

Option #7

“Enable” Feature

No “Enable”

This option cancels the “enable” mode safety feature. The “enable” mode requires that the driver push the control switch “OFF” and then “ON” again each time the driver removes the key from the ignition in order to “enable” the vehicle for remote starter control. The switch light will shine red when ready. This feature guards against undesired starting of the vehicle by remote control. You must keep this option as "Enable" on all GM rear wheel drive and Dodge Dakota vehicles

manufactured prior to 1996.

Option #8


Daytime Running Lights

This option will turn the headlights on about 10 seconds after it sees the ignition turn on and will turn the lights off when the ignition is turned off.

Programming An Option:

If you want the factory setting, DO NOTHING and skip this section. If you want to change one or more of the features, then continue with the following procedures:

  • 1.

    Open the hood.

  • 2.

    Turn the ignition ON (do not start the vehicle).

  • 3.

    Press and HOLD the brake pedal.

  • 4.

    Quickly press and release the programming button once.

  • 5.

    Release the brake pedal.

  • 6.

    The control LED will flash Red 1 time (signaling that you are now in the Option Programming mode).

  • 7.

    The LED color reflects the first option (Green LED is for Factory setting, Red LED is for Optional setting). Pressing the brake pedal advances to the next option. By continuing to push the brake pedal, the user will advance through all of the options and then start back at Option #1 again.

  • 8.

    After pushing the brake pedal, the LED flashes Red (the # of the option) before turning Red or Green, reflecting the state of the option (Green for factory setting, Red for Optional setting). Push the programming button to change from the factory setting to the option setting and vice versa.

  • 9.

    If no options are selected or changed after 6 seconds the unit will automatically exit programming.

  • 10.

    Push the control switch so the LED is Red, the unit is now ready.

  • 11.

    Turn off the ignition.

  • 24.

    Changing Ignition 2 Function

Many newer vehicles turn off the Ignition 2 wire while the starter is crank- ing. In these vehicles it is very important to have the remote starter copy the starting sequence of the key exactly; otherwise the vehicle's computer may show a fault code or not allow the vehicle to start at all. For most GM vehicles, you do not need to change this option.

To turn the thick GREEN Ignition 2 (IGN 2) wire off during crank:

  • 1.

    Unplug all wires and connections from the remote start module.

  • 2.

    Open the case of the remote start receiver module.

  • 3.

    Find the IGN 2 switch as shown in the diagram on the following page. Of the 2 switches shown, The IGN 2 switch is the switch closest to the center of the circuit board as shown in the diagram.

  • 4.

    Move the IGN 2 switch to the OFF position.

  • 5.

    Close the case and plug in all of the wire connectors.

The remote start module will turn OFF Ignition 2 while the starter is crank- ing.

v5.3 (40027)

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