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NOTICE to Installers of Remote Vehicle Starters

We DO NOT recommend installing ANY remote starter in the following vehicles: Audi 1998+, BMW 1998+, Jaguar 1998+, Land Rover 1998+, Mercedes 1998+, Range Rover 1998+, Volvo 1999+

As with any aftermarket installation, please research and learn as much as you can about the vehicle before you start the install.

All General Motors (GM) rear wheel drive vehicles built prior to 1995 with automatic transmissions and all Dodge Dakota trucks with automatic transmissions built prior to 1996 have a MECHANICAL type of NEU- TRAL SAFETY SWITCH. All vehicles built after 1996 use an electrical type of neutral safety switch.

Applying +12 volts to the starter wire on any vehicle vehicle using a mechanical neutral safety switch will engage the vehicle’s starter, regardless of the shifter’s position. When the shifter is in Park or Neutral, the vehicle will just start up normally. If the vehicle is accidentally left in gear and power is applied to the start wire, such as by a remote starter, the vehicle will lurch forward or back as it attempts to start.

To test if your GM or Dodge vehicle is using a mechanical neutral safety switch system, you will only be able to remove the key from the ignition switch when the shifter is in the Park or Neutral position.

To prevent this problem from occurring when installing a DesignTech remote starter on a GM rear wheel drive vehicle or Dodge Dakota built prior to 1996:

1. You must leave the Enable Feature (option #7) in the factory setting. This is a safety feature that requires the user to push the control switch OFF (Green light) and then ON (Red light) again each time they exit the vehicle in order for the unit to be operational. This feature will ensure that the user of the vehicle with the remote starter installed has made a conscious decision to allow the remote starter to start the vehicle the next time the transmitter button is depressed.

2.You must use the relay drawing below to create a circuit that will prevent the remote starter on these GM and Dodge vehicles from starting the vehicle unless the key is completely removed from the ignition switch.

As with any aftermarket installation, please research and learn as much as you can about the vehicle before you start the install.


To (-) Vehicle's Ground

Connect to constant (+) 12 volts





Connect to the Ignition Key Sense Wire from Vehicle's Ignition Harness

Connect to Purple Wire (hood pin switch) of the Remote Starter (Purple Wire must also connect to hood pin switch)

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