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CPY 7500 Family Psychology Interventions: Theory and Techniques

Fall 2001; Fridays 1:30 PM to 5:30 PM

Professor: John Thoburn, Ph.D.

Office Lower Watson 425/281-2908 (o)

Course Description:

This course fully integrates the biopsychosocial perspective into a family systems model. Contemporary research issues and clinical applications are explored in the tradition of the clinical-scientist model. The course examines family and conjoint theoretical orientations, assessment and evaluation, and treatment interventions unique to family psychology. The focus is both on the nuclear family and dyadic relationships within the family, and includes a segment on family medical therapy. The course incorporates experiential components, such as role-play and modeling into the learning experience

Course Objectives:

To understand the roles of assessment, relational diagnosis and treatment planning in family psychology

To examine family psychology theories and techniques.

To explore particular areas, such as multicultural issues and ethical considerations unique to the field of family psychology.



Nichols, M.P. and Schwartz, R.C. Eds. (1998). Family Therapy:

Concepts and Methods. Boston: Allyn & Bacon.

Liddle, H.A., Levant, R.F., Santiteban, D.A. (2001). Family Psychology: Science Based Interventions. WA DC: APA. ISBN# 1557987866


Kaslow, Florence Ed. (1 996). Handbook of Relational Diagnosis and

      Dysfunctional Family Patterns.  NY: John Wiley and Sons.


Textbook readings should be completed prior to the first class.  Survey the required book in its entirety.

Class meetings will generally entail 1) a review of the assigned readings, 2)

presentation of material beyond the scope of the reading.

Course Requirements:

Reading assigned texts and collateral readings.

Class attendance and participation in discussions.

A 15-page reflection/scholarly paper focusing upon a case vignette to explicate a particular Family Psychology theoretical perspective. Include a Genogram and family eco-map. The paper should include a systems theoretical orientation; evaluated from a biopsychosocial, clinical/scientist, and multicultural perspective

.The paper is due in my box by 5:00 PM, 11/01/02.

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