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consumer who primarily uses gas for personal family or household purposes.

For more

information, go to the Public Service Commissions website at www.psc.state.ga.us.

Utilities are included in my rent. Is that legal?

When utilities are included in the rethe tenant does not pay the utility company

directly and instead the monthlyrental amount includes payment forthe utilities. The utilities

are provided by the landlordand the costs are being paid from te rent. It is important that the

tenant understand which utilities are being paid by the landlord. Every lease should identify who

is responsible for paying for services such water, electric, garbage, natural gas, telephone,

internet service, and cable television.

What is master metering and how does it work?

Master metering is where the electric, natural gas, or water usage of multiple tenants is

measured using the same meter. This only occurs when the utility service is in the landlord’s

name. For example, when an apartment is master metered for electric usage, the landlord would

receive one electric bill for all tenants measured through the one electric meter.

I rent an apartment in a complex with more than 20 units. My unit does not have a water meter. My landlord bills me for water. I think I am paying more than my fair share of the water bill. What can I do?

Under Georgia law (O.C.G.A. §12-5-180.1) your landlord can have only one water meter

for the apartment complex and charge tenants rowater usage and waste-water service, plus a

reasonable fee for establishing, servicing, and bilng for the water service. The amount billed

includes water used by the tenants and water used in the complx’s common areas. The amount

the landlord collects from each tenant must noexceed the amount the landlord is charged for

water and waste-water service for the building nd the common areas, plus the landlord’s fee.


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