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running. Even if your lease says that your landlord is not legallyresponsible for damage to your

personal property, a court may hold the landlord responsible if it is shown that it is the landlord's

fault that the pipes burst.

I rented a house with land. The land is fenced. The fence was damaged. Does the landlord have to repair?

Yes, if the property rented includes the land on which the fence was located, the landlord

is responsible for keeping it in good repair.

My landlord refused to repair a hole in my ceiling and my personal property was damaged. Can my landlord be held responsible?

You may have a claim for the loss of yo personal property, if you promptly reported

the repair, took action to protet your property and your landlordfailed to timely repair. You

should read your lease carefully to see what it provides. Prior to filing suit, you should write to

your landlord explaining the situation and requesting reimbursement.

I have been in my apartment for several months and the carpet needs to be cleaned. Is this my landlord’s responsibility?

No. It is important to distinguish betwee repairs, improvements, and maintenance. A

repair returns a structure, system, or a nclea to its original condition before it became

damaged. An improvement is more than a repairit is an act that makes the item better than it

was originally when the tenant moved in. e landlord is responsible for repairs but not

improvements. If the carpet needs cleaning due to the tenant’s usethe tenant is responsible for

its cleaning. Keeping the unit clean is considered maintenance and is the tenant’s responsibility.


My tenant has not been seen for several weeks; rent is paid. Can I consider the property abandoned?

When the tenant vacates the premises before the end of the lease term, it is a breach of

the lease. If a tenant needs to move out beforethe end of the lease, they should tell the landlord


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