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complaint with the Office of the Comptrolof the Currency, which regulated federally

chartered banks at www.helpwithmybank.gov.

I purchased a home in which a tenant was living. Under the new law I have to let the tenant remain until his lease expires in four months. The tenant has requested that I repair a broken light fixture. Do I have to make the repair?

Yes, the new owner is the landlord an s the obligations associated with being a

landlord. This means the new owner must make necessary repairs.

Renting with Roommates

We signed a year lease on a rental unit for our college-bound son, with the understanding that his roommates would pay their part of the rent. One roommate left without paying his share of the rent. How can we get out of this lease?

Read the lease and see if thee is a provision for terminatng the lease. If you terminate

early you will likely have to pay a penalty sucas paying an extra months' rent or some other

amount of money. If there is no early terminaton provision, you are liable for the entire rent for

the rest of the lease. You can sue the roommatfor his portion of the rentand utilities. If the

roommate’s parents also cosigned the lease, you can also sue them.

Who is a roommate? A roommate might be eithera joint tenant or a subtenat, depending upon the terms of

the lease or rental agreement. When all roommtes sign the lease, each one can be responsible

for the full amount of the rent due to the landrd. When a roommate is not listed on the lease

and has not signed the lease, the landlord cannohold him responsible for rent under the lease.

As far as the landlord is concerned, the persons tat signed the lease are hs tenants. If you are

just living with someone and giving them money to stay there, you are not considered a tenant of

the landlord. If you sign the lase then you are a tenant of th landlord and are responsible for

getting all of the rent to the landlord, even if you paid your share already. If the landlord does

not get all the money, he can seek to evict all the tenants listed on the lease.


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