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Will the budget require annual cost summaries and a performance summary?

iii. Personnel Costs.  The cost for personnel is usually the largest single item in a budget; therefore, it is critical that careful attention be given to the type and amount of effort that will be required to complete the evaluation as proposed.  Further, a proposal that identifies key personnel is often more competitive than one in which personnel are more generally named, eg data analyst, research assistant.

Personnel types

Have key types of individuals to both administer and conduct the evaluation been identified?


Will personnel costs be determined on the basis of days of effort, percentage of time, percentage of assigned work load, person hours, or some other factor?


How much time of each person/type will be required to complete identified tasks?

Unit costs

What is the cost of a time/cost unit for each person?

Consistency of costs

What anticipated increases (merit, cost of living, across the board, etc) can be anticipated for each evaluation year?

Hiring costs

Will recruitment and hiring costs be required to staff the evaluation?

Support staff

Will support staff services be assigned to the evaluation, or will services (eg secretarial support, data entry services, etc.) be "purchased" from a pool?

Student assistance

Have all costs for student workers, as defined by institution/agency, been considered?

Fringe benefits

What fringe benefits, including vacation/annual leave time, sick leave, etc, are applicable for each staff member?  What anticipated increases in fringe benefits are expected?  What is included in the fringe benefit package?  (Note: If employee benefits, such as vacation time, holidays, etc, are not a part of the "official" fringe benefit package, they should be included in the salary/wage line item for each staff member, as applicable.)

IV. Travel. Costs for travel may include anticipated expenditures for administrative activities, attendance at required meetings with the funding agency, data collection, feedback workshops, participant involvement, etc.  It is important that these widely varying costs be anticipated, identified by function, and carefully calculated using the best information available.


What type of travel expenses will be incurred, ie administrative, data collection, participant, etc?


What mode of travel will be utilised, ie air, auto (personal or rental), train, etc?


What allowable travel costs are accepted by the funding agency and your institution, ie per diem, lodging?

Time requirement

How much total time (travel and on-site) will be required to conduct the evaluation activities?


Will consultants' travel expenses be paid from the travel budget line or the consultant line?

Sharing costs

Is it possible to couple trips within this evaluation or with other evaluations to reduce travel costs?

Ground transportation

How will ground transportation be provided upon the termination of air travel, eg taxi, rental car, limousine services, etc?

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