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Courtesy/local support

Will on-site transportation be provided by another party and not charged to the evaluation?

Additional costs

What additional costs may be required for special situations, ie excess baggage, long/tiring flights that may require upgraded accommodations, etc?

V. Supplies and Materials.  Office supplies and other materials are required to conduct an evaluation, and they may be anticipated based on experience with other evaluations of a general nature; but some evaluations may have unusual requirements, and these should be specified as appropriate.

Office supplies

What supplies and materials will be needed to simply conduct the normal operations and an evaluation, eg office supplies and institutional products?

Specialised materials

What unusual supplies and materials will be needed for this evaluation, ie reference books, specialised printing cartridges, evaluation letterhead, data collection articles, etc?  (Note: Computer software sometimes is restricted or requires special permission or must be listed separately as a computer cost.)

VI.  Communications.  Normally, the costs for monthly rental of telephone sets and lines are included as a part of "indirect" costs, but long-distance calls, dedicated phone lines for specific data collection procedures, postage for mailing of surveys, etc, are allowable evaluation costs and should be estimated in this category.

Phone installation

Will any new installation of telephones, computer ports, or other communication equipment be required?

Phone usage

What are the fixed costs for the use of telephones, computers, and other communications equipment that can be identified as chargeable to the evaluation?

Evaluation-specific costs

Other than the usual administrative communications, will there be other costs for large mailings, express services, etc?

Long-distance costs

What long distance telephone and facsimile charges and other variable communications costs will be incurred?

Postage/mail services

What postage or other forms of mail services will be required, giving special attention to mass mailings of surveys, notices, invitations, etc?

VII.  Copying and Printing.  Copying and printing costs often exceed estimates due to the ease with which modern equipment provides ready and rapid responses to staff actions.  Further, some evaluations may require printing of optical scanning forms and other documents that must be obtained from external agents.

In-house copying

How many persons will be making in-house copies, and will there be a system to monitor individual usage?

Per-page costs

What is the current and anticipated rate of copying over the long-term evaluation?


How many copies and of what type/quality must reports be submitted?

Promotional materials

Will the evaluation produce promotional materials, ie brochures, pamphlets, etc?

Data collection

What printing costs will incurred as a part of the data collection process?


Can all printing jobs be handled inside the organisation, or will some outsourcing be required?

VIII. Equipment.  In most cases, purchase of equipment is not an allowable expense for evaluation budgets.  However, there may be specialised functions for which a justification and inclusion of equipment costs are acceptable.

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