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Moving your transcription service from tape to digital audio file processing can be an important step in the development of your business. There are many benefits that can be gained by making the shift to digital but there is a lot to understand before you can make the change. Some of the changes may seem daunting at first but with the proper information the change can be made fairly easily. We hope that this guide will be a useful tool for you in your shift to digital audio file processing.

Section One – Why make the change?

There are a number of benefits of digital audio dictation technology compared to older tape technology. Those benefits include the ability to streamline work processes, eliminate tape pickup or mailing, and better quality audio, which itself improves and speeds transcription.

Digital audio also means the transcriptionist need not be physically present in the doctor’s office, or even in the same community. This leads to time and travel savings, and allows the transcriptionist to work from virtually anywhere a PC can be connected to the internet.

This guide covers the essential technology knowledge the MT needs to be able to make the transition to digital, and to be able to assist their medical clients in making the same transition.

The guide covers what hardware, software, and connectivity the doctor and transcriptionist need, the steps involved in digital transcription workflow, handheld products, software, file types, and accessories, and HIPAA and other privacy and security issues and methods.

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