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Section Two - What the Medical Professional Needs

The shift to digital requires changes on the part of both your doctors or medical professionals and the transcriptionist. This section will cover what is required on the medical professional side and the next section will cover what is required on the transcriptionist side.

The doctor or other medical professional and support staff will need one or more handheld digital dictation devices (most commonly one manufactured by Olympus), the associated PC software (provided by the handheld manufacturer) to transfer the files from the handheld to the PC, and a USB cable connection which is usually with a device cradle, to connect the handheld to the PC.

One PC in the office can support one or more doctors, each with their own handheld.

The office will need an internet connection, preferably broadband for speed and convenience.

Although the exact device model is typically not important to the transcriptionist and the post-dictation process, the model chosen may be important to the doctor, based on desired features, including size, weight, ergonomic characteristics, storage capacity, battery life, as well as extra features such as use as an MP3 player.

Each doctor’s device must be connected to the PC briefly to transfer the files from the device to the PC, from which point they can be transferred to a medical transcriptionist using the broadband Internet connection. For more information please see “Steps Involved in the Digital Transcription Workflow”.

What Doctors Need: the Short Answer

  • Handheld dictation device of choice (usually Olympus)

  • An Internet-connected PC equipped with USB connection for the handheld

  • Software that came with the handheld to transfer handheld files to the PC

  • An internet file delivery service that is HIPAA compliant

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