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Section Five - Digital Dictation Products Guide: Voice Recorders, Software, File Types, and Foot Controls

Digital audio recording has largely replaced tape for audio recording and transcription purposes for a number of reasons, including:

  • Easier to use, with no tapes to turn over or switch

  • Longer recording times

  • Easily transmitted via the Internet, allowing transcription to occur remotely

  • Easy to archive on a PC

  • Higher overall audio quality, making transcription faster and more efficient.

The key to the success of digital audio is the handheld dictation unit – small, handheld, battery-powered devices that are available from a number of manufacturers. The dominant manufacturer of handheld dictation devices today is Olympus, which makes a wide variety of devices which all provide similar quality and ease of use.

Other notable manufacturers include Sony and Philips.

The specific model of handheld is usually irrelevant to the transcriptionist, as the files and their delivery and playback method are usually the same regardless of what model handheld is used from a particular manufacturer.

In addition to the handheld unit, two other things are needed to get the audio files into a PC for distribution. The first is a USB connection between the handheld device and the PC, often using a “cradle” for the handheld in addition to a USB cable. The second is software provided by the handheld manufacturer to automate the transfer to the PC.

The Olympus software, for example, is called DSS Player, and it can also be used to play back the files for transcription, either on the connected PC or on another, remote PC after electronic delivery of the


Olympus makes a version

from their website. You Useful Links section.



of this software available for free the location for the download in the

Sony offers software called “Digital Voice Editor” and Philips offers a product called “SpeechExec”.

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