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Captain Bernard (Taffy) Barrow

It was with great sadness that we learned of the death of a PFBC Hon. Member - Capt Bernard (Taffy) Barrow, who had been unwell for some time in a nursing home.

The funeral took place at Aldershot on the 11th. June: Our thoughts were with his widow Pat (- also ex BOAC); Paul, Nigel and David his sons who take great interest in PFBC, and kindly forwarded some items for our Archive.

Taffy was a RAF Catalina pilot from 1943 based in N.I. He saw service in Ceylon, before transferring to BOAC and the famous Empire C-Classes before the end of 1945. By 1946 Taffy was at Poole captaining G-AFKZ Cathay in the final year of her operations ending in March 1947.

He next flew the ‘Hythes’ to the Far East and Australia, then ‘Sandringhams’ until Poole’s services were closed. His illustrious career turned to landplanes when flying Constellations, Stratocruisers and also the Britannias - with finally the VC10s, through to British Airways’ 747s for the last 5 years of his career… Throughout, Taffy was a gentleman who lived his life with distinction and much enjoyment. As Taffy’s Sons write:

“ Where do We start ?

Born in, Llanelli, and a good scholar

Dad always had an interest in flying. His parents however did not share this interest and it was only when the war came along that he got his chance by signing up for the RAF. Some of his flying exploits are well recorded in a chapter of the book ‘Wings over the World’…”

“He cared for us in many considerate ways that we never appreciated at the time. He imbued in us many things that we will never forget. The way he handled all aspects of general life, discipline, the work ethic, and how to enjoy yourself, have all been handed on.”

We wish you well, Bon Voyage, Happy Landings, and God Bless.


First*Postcard From... Focus will be on the Horseshoe Route with links from Poole established Autumn 1940 via W.Africa and then the 44 ‘ports of call’ between Durban and Sydney

These note the passage along Empire C-Class FB routes from inception of IAL service Southampton -Australia, May 1938. See* ‘The Story of Southampton Docks’ by Mike Roussel ISBN 978-1-85983-707-8 published by Breedon Books July 2009 where Mike provides welcome reference to PFBC, and Poole! [Congrats to Mike on this well researched & beautiful book.]

From UK via the Med to Cairo, and the R.Nile to South Africa, or from Cairo to the Middle East, Indian sub-continent and Burma, Thailand, the Malay Peninsula, Singapore, Indonesia, through to Australia (Sydney’s Rose Bay), possibly Auckland, provided a superb awe-inspiring form of luxurious transport in an era when the world was in turmoil and moving to war ! A mode of travel for the wealthy which contrasted with the period when life was hard + times were tough for the majority: Cue* Leona Coulter and the production for BBC Channel 4 Leona wishes for those with a story to tell about these travels to contact her on 028 9024 3331 (Mon-Wed) or 07905 913975

Celebration* September will be the 70th.Anniversary of IAL moving to Poole: PFBC will be holding an event to mark this.

Provisionally booked for the evening of Thurs 17th. Sept.

Poole Flying Boats Celebration

Charity No. 1123274

Trustee Newsletter: Summer 2009



From the Trustees:~ ‘A Very Happy Third Birthday for PFBC !’

Welcome to our Newsletter ~ for Members, Friends & Supporters www.pooleflyingboats.com (THE ' OPUS in colour)

On the occasion of its recent 3rd. Birthday, and Achievements to date, PFBC was presented with the specially commissioned Civil Air Ensign, based upon the type once proudly flown at Poole, and aloft from the cockpits of BOAC’s Flying Boats…

Accompanied by a slice of birthday cake, our new flag was raised at the second presentation / open meeting for ‘Friends’ held at the Haven Hotel, Sandbanks (courtesy of FJB Hotels). PFBC is delighted to take ever-forward its rolling programme aimed at the involvement of ‘Friends’, with their vital support in planning for the future of our organisation (as a Charity).

A success of the meetings so far, is that PFBC will be able to have a significant part in this year’s Bournemouth Air Festival which is scheduled for the four days of the 20th.-23rd. August. Accordingly, a rota of willing volunteers has been compiled for a Veterans’ Tent where our display will take pride of place (- further offers of assistance like this are always greatly welcome).

The volunteers from ‘Friends’ will now mean that PFBC can potentially reach out to those who will be visiting the Festival, where our inclusion in leaflets is also provisionally confirmed.

Since the ‘Unveiling of the 3 Storyboards’ at Whitecliff Rec. there has been a significant increase in the number of Friends which is very encouraging for all of us associated with PFBC.

It is prospected to hold the next round(s) of Friends’Meetings in the Autumn so that others will have opportunities to attend. If you would like to have an invitation then please let us know.

We are also prospecting at least 2 social events with excellent guest speakers (PFBC HLMs): Colin Pomeroy and Mike Phipp. Details and dates for these occasions will be sent to you soon, along with an outline of our Programme/Celebrations for 2010.

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