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YOUR JOB is to investigate the wall using the web site (above) to determine which types of rock would be the best for building in our part of the United States and which might be the least desirable. In our study of rocks - we have examined more than a dozen of the kinds of stone included in the wall. Your work today should concentrate on: Andesite Argillite (Slate) Basalt Conglomerate Coquina Gabbro Gneiss Granite Limestone Marble Quartzite Sandstone Schist

EVALUATION: Examine as many pictures as you can in the time that you have. Answer the following questions:

1. Name the 2 or 3 rocks (from the list above) which appear to have weathered (broken down) LEAST.

  • 2.

    What did you see that helped you make that decision?

  • 3.

    Do they represent one type of rock (of the 3 types we have studied) or several types?

Name the type(s).

  • 4.

    Name the 2 or 3 rocks (from the list above) which appear to have weathered MOST.

  • 5.

    Do they represent one type of rock or several? Name the type(s).

  • 6.

    What observations can you make that helped you make this decision?

  • 7.

    If you were going to build a stone house here in our school district - what kind of stone

would you use? What type of rock does this represent? [Be SURE to give your reasons for your decision - Several complete sentences are required.]

8. What factors (other than weather and exposure) might have caused the results that you have observed in any of the kinds of rocks?

9. What factors can you think of that might cause you to choose a different kind of stone?


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