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Texas Instruments

The OMTP Basic rusted Environment (TR0) hardware security requirements include:

  • Unique 128-bit hardware key

  • Hardware-based protection of:

    • IMEI

    • SIMLock

    • ME personalization

    • Secure flash update

    • DRM assets

    • Debugging port

Figure 1: TI s M-Shield mobile security technology solution complies with the OMTP Basic rusted Environment standard

Texas Instruments’ M-Shield mobile security technology solution provides one of the highest levels of terminal and content security in the industry. Unlike current software-only security solutions, M-Shield mobile security technology is a system-level approach that intimately interleaves optimized hardware and software to provide the highest level of security available.

M-Shield mobile security technology is a flexible and scalable security solution that can be personalized to multiple platforms. This allows OEMs to quickly design robust software- and hardware-based secure devices. M-Shield mobile security technology sets the benchmark for the level of security required to provide wireless content protection, access control and financial transactions.

Key benefits of M-Shield mobile security technology

  • Highly robust security solution including a complete security infrastructure with on-chip cryptographic keys, secure execution environment, secure storage, secure chip-interconnects and other features

  • Standard APIs (TrustZone) that enable interoperability and faster development and streamlining of security-based applications

  • Tampering detection triggers effective protection actions

  • Flexible security framework that includes a secure middleware component to support

third-party middleware software and applications

  • High-performance, hardware-based cryptographic accelerators that reduce latencies

and deliver a compelling user experience

  • Low power consumption maintains extended battery life

Figure 2: TI s M-Shield mobile security technology offers key benefits to ensure the highest level of security

Security and the OMAP platform

M-Shield technology is the key security element of TI’s OMAP™ platform and OMAP-Vox™ scalable wireless solution. The OMAP platform provides a family of high-performance, low-power-consumption application processors. With an open, flexible architecture, the OMAP platform is driving innovative solutions across the wireless industry.

M-Sheild™ mobile security technology: making wireless secure

February 2008


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