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Personal Gear

Item Footgear

Day or Fanny Pack

Poncho or rain gear Sleeping Bag

Sleeping Pad OPTIONAL

Ground Cloth Water bottles or Camelback


First Aid Kit

Hygiene Kit

Clothing including the clothes you wear

Survival Gear

Mess Gear

Protection Supplies


Description Hiking Boots (if you have them) Camp Shoes Tevas or light tennis shoes For carrying rain gear, basic survival gear, first aid kit, and water when hiking, etc). You can also use a Camelbackif it has pockets to carry the gear. Poncho should be ripstop nylon the other kind tear very easily. ~ $25 Buy a 20 degree (+/-) mummy type this will last you through your adult life if you take care of it. Get synthetic fill (PolarGuard or Hollofill) because it insulates if wet. Buy the bag for the length of the adult males in your family so you wont outgrow it in a few years. Can range from a foam sleeping pad, to a Therm-A-Resttype mattress. It helps make the ground a little softer and provides insulation from the cold ground. Heavy-weight plastic (4-6 mil) or Tyvek to go underneath your sleeping bag/pad Two 1 qt bottles or one bottle (can be smaller) if you have a Camelback. Only drink from one bottle, reserve the other for clean water for first aid purposes or measuring. Never put drink mix in your water bottle the residue in the water bottle will attract bears. A small (AA or AAA battery type) flashlight Spare Batteries Bulb Moleskin Band aids Aspirin/Tylenol Antacids Alcohol Swabs Toenail clippers Needle Chap Stick or Carmex First Aid Tape (1/2width) Small Tube Antiseptic (Neosporin) Iodine Tablets (Potable Aqua or Coghlans) 38triangular bandage (from old sheet, etc.) Medicine Duct Tape Toothbrush (small or cut down regular size) Toothpaste (very small tube) Bandanna or similar for washcloth Large bandanna or camp towel Comb Small pack of baby wipes 2 pr pants/shorts Supplex Nylon are best 2 shirts Duofold or CoolMax type are best (some like 3 for long trips) 2 pr underwear Duofold or CoolMax type are best (some like 3 pr for long trips) 3 pr socks Long sleeved shirt Warm Jacket fleece insulates when wet Stocking Cap it gets cold at night, even in the summer Hiking hat to protect from sun, a full brim is best Sleeping Clothes Compass Matches in waterproof container Whistle Duct Tape Cup Bowl that can double as plate 2 Lexan spoons Insect Repellent Sunscreen

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