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looking at the clock - identify the numbers

telling the time

calculating how long a journey will take looking at train/bus/airline timetables

using TV guide to calculate the length of programmes

programming the video, the microwave

discussing the seasons

looking at a calendar - days, weeks, months

planning out birthdays and discussing how many weeks

estimating how long it will take to walk/drive to school             

identifying the day of the week on a newspaper

calculating time differences in foreign countries

calculating the age given a date, eg I was born in 1954, how old am I? The building was built in 1860, how old is it?

discussing the age of family members, putting them in order

calculating the time if the clock is 10 minutes fast, 10 minutes slow

trying to find a clock in every shop on a visit to town

looking at the posting times on the post box

discussing events in the day eg tea time, bed time, bath time

setting the radio alarm

standing still for a minute – count 60 seconds

looking at different types of clocks

looking at the headstones in a graveyard to calculate ages, etc

using Teletext on TV

Vocabulary of time – decade, century, millennium

using clocks - analogue and digital

Think about numbers!!

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