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Texas Instruments

In addition to the ROM-based SafeRTOS included in the LM3S9B96 microcontroller, ported demos of RTOSs include:

  • FreeRTOS.org

  • Micrium µC/OS-II with µC/Probe embedded system monitoring

  • Express Logic ThreadX

  • CMX Systems CMX-RTX

  • Keil RTX

  • IAR PowerPac

  • SEGGER embOS

  • Quadros RTXC

  • MicroDigital’s SMX

  • RoweBot’s Unison ultra-tiny embedded Linux- and POSIX-compatible RTOS

  • SCIOPTA’s real-time operating system for safety-critical applications

Aggregation manager connectivity

TI’s AM reference designs include two Continua WAN interfaces (Ethernet and Wi-Fi), a low-power LAN interface (ZigBee) and four PAN interfaces (USB, Bluetooth, Bluetooth low energy and ANT).

Wi-Fi TI’s WiLink6.0 (WL127x) solution is a highly integrated, 65-nm offering that integrates WLAN, Bluetooth and FM cores onto a true single chip. The WiLink 6.0 solution supports the latest standards, including 802.11 a/b/g/n and various Bluetooth technology generations. It is designed for the mobile devices like smartphones and other battery-operated devices that require robust connectivity at low power conservation.

The WiLink 6.0 is accompanied by an external off-the-shelf switched-mode power supply (SMPS) and front-end module. The front-end module contains a PA, a balun and a three-way radio-frequency switch.

TI’s WiLink 6.0 solution is a triple-radio design that employs special techniques to address radio coexistence challenges. Special care is taken in the integration of WLAN and Bluetooth because both operate on the same frequency band. A proprietary set of algorithms addresses this issue to allow the use of a single antenna shared between WLAN and Bluetooth for the 2.4-GHz band.

Overall solution size is sometimes a key factor in mobile devices. Because of the small footprint of the WiLink 6.0 solution, core device, the resulting total size is less than 80 mm.

Aggregation managers for the connected health system

July 2010


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