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Texas Instruments

Power management The TPS65950 analog companion chip, designed to work with OMAP35x devices, contains buck converters, low-dropout regulators (LDOs), a charger module, an entire audio module with digital filters, input amplifiers and output class-D amplifiers. The TPS65950 IC provides several additional functions, such as a high-speed USB physical layer (PHY) transceiver. Its functions include:

    • System clock manager

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        Generates a 32-kHz clock from a crystal or an external sine wave and delivers a square digital waveform to the entire system.

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        Collects all high-frequency clock requests from the system and forwards the demand to the system clock source.

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        Buffers the high-frequency clock from the source and delivers a square digital waveform to the entire applicative system.

    • Power on and reset management

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        Push-button debouncing starts the state machine (master configuration).

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        Controls the reset release of the OMAP3530 processor.

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        Controls the warm reset steps when instructed to do so by the OMAP3530 processor or the user.

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        Can control the power-on sequence of an auxiliary subsystem.

  • Power management

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        Integrates several power supplies (DC/DC, SMPS or LDO types) to meet system demands in terms of currents and voltages.

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        Processor power companion, providing all required power supplies and power-management functions (dynamic voltage scaling, SmartReflextechnology) to the OMAP3530 processor. SmartReflex technology is controlled through a dedicated high-speed inter-integrated circuit (I2C) link.

      • -

        Can control the activation of additional power resources (external LDOs).

    • System management

TPS65950 modes of operation and states are entirely configurable through register access using the high-speed I2C configuration interface. Additionally, the TPS65950 implements:

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    Several functional interrupts that can be routed to one or two targets.

  • -

    Internal and external signal monitoring, with the analog-to-digital conversions requested by

software or hardware.

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    Secure software access protocols for digital rights management.

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