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I had an interesting feedback from one reader. The following are his quotes:

Sex and maybe eating out or going to a movie are probably the only things I want a female company for.

I know there are women who could tolerate me or maybe not complain too much but I just don't want anyone around.

I just don't want my life tied permanently to another. Especially legally or financially. There's no right woman as far as I'm concerned.

I just don't want them around at all unless I invite them over and they leave when I want to be alone.

I still have girlfriends but there's no need to marry them or cohabitate.

I think it's a very interesting way to look at things. If you mostly agree with the quotes above, then marriage or living with a woman may not be for you at all.

This brings up an interesting theory I have that may partially explain why marriages used to work, but no longer seem to work. In the past people married earlier in life, usually men and women (particularly

women) did not live alone before getting married. So people did not have a reference point on how it was to live alone.

What we have now is people getting married after they had lived alone for years and possibly prefer living alone. Once the initial "excitement” of living together wears off, both people start comparing

their current lives with their previous single lives. Their previous single lives were usually a lot more fun, responsibility-free, and stress-free; so it makes perfect sense that people separate and go back to being single.

Obviously not everyone living alone prefers it. Many, perhaps most people living alone would probably prefer to live with a partner. But you may just be one of those people who is simply better off living

alone and for whom living with a woman would be a burden.

The 2004 essay The Marrying Kind: Which Men Marry and Why (marriage.rutgers.edu) found that the older the man gets, the less likely he is to get married. The men they studied were between 25 and

34 years old. 22% of men in their study group thought that marriage was not for them. However, if you only take 30-34 year old men from this group, then the percentage of those not interested in getting

married anytime soon goes up to 54%, and 68% of the 30-34 year old men say that at this stage in life they want fun and freedom.

Chapter 18

“Monogamy is only due to a man’s failure in business” JP Getty.

“Monogamy is only due to a man’s failure in business”. It sounds very cynical, but there is a deep meaning behind it, and it does not even matter what your opinion on monogamy is.

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