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I polled American women on this issue and the results were startling.

I first asked women: “Do you think monogamy, marriage, and commitment is in the best interest of an average man?” Almost 100% of women replied “Yes”.

I then asked the same women: “Do you think monogamy, marriage, and commitment is in the best interests of famous athletes and

entertainers?” The majority of the same women now replied “No”. The reasons they gave were:

• Rich and famous get too much attention from women to be monogamous.

Rich and famous have too good of a life to be monogamous.

Rich and famous can always find a wife later on in life.

Let’s think how ridiculously hypocritical this is. What women are

saying is that guys who are poor and don’t have much going for them

should get married and have committed relationships. And guys who have money and can easily attract women should play the field and not be monogamous. So what does marriage become then – institution best

suited for men who are not successful in life?

Chapter 19

Research shows that marriage makes men literally dumber.

Recent research by Satoshi Kanazawa (psychologist at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand) indicates that marriage causes men’s mind to literally rot.

Satoshi Kanazawa studied biographies of 280 great scientists and identified a clear relationship between men’s scientific achievement and marriage. He found that the great scientists stopped producing scientific breakthroughs virtually overnight after they got married.

He also found that men who did not get married continued producing significant scientific contributions well into their 30s and 40s.

Marriage has the same dampening effect on geniuses in music, painting, writing, and all other fields.

If marriage has this effect on great scientists, then think of how much damage it does to the brain of an average guy like you and me?

Women are creativity killers. You do anything that’s even slightly out of the ordinary and you get an hour-long bitchfest about how "you need to grow up" and "why can’t you be like normal people".

Marriage becomes a funeral to your dreams and inspirations. It sucks the life out of you. Wife’s constant babbling, questions, nagging, bitching, put-downs, criticism, etc turn men’s brain into a compliant blob of mush. At first, the mind is vigilant, but just as the old saying goes, "It only takes time to break down the mind". As a result, after marriage men will often change from curious and ambitious

individuals to boring, do-nothing, brainless, energy-zapped zombies.

Chapter 20

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