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Audience/Host: Your wife is tired from job/kids, etc.

Man: So am I, but have set up numerous kid-free vacations, hired a maid, done all the household chores, etc.

Audience/Host: Go to counseling.

Man: Spent XXX thousands on counseling. Got a pretty good idea of how terrible I am, but still no sex.

Audience/Host: Marriage is about more than sex.

Man: Agreed. But twice a year?

Audience/Host: Don't be so selfish.

Can American woman change and become a good wife?

Absolutely and categorically NO. American woman has several fundamental problems that will never go away and will actually get worse a few years after she is married:

1) Her self-centeredness, her ridiculously high expectations, her sense of entitlement, her high-maintenance, superficial, and stuck up attitude, her snootiness and her sense of superiority. This “princess” syndrome means that she will always think that she is better than you, and that she deserves and she is entitled to whatever she wants from you.

2) Her inherent anti-male bias and pre-occupation with fairness that was drilled into her at high school, college, and through the media. Her constant confrontations and trying to prove herself and to make a


3) Her general mental instability and psychological disorders.

4) Her being distinctly non-feminine.

5) Her using sex as a weapon and reward to get things.

All these things have been deeply engrained into her brain over the first 20-30 years of her life and she is not going to change.

With foreign women, you don’t really have any of these problems:

1) Anti-male bias in education system and in the media abroad does not exist.

2) Foreign women have a lot less expectations and sense of entitlements. Many foreign women have zero superficial, stuck-up and superior attitudes.

3) Foreign women are a lot more mentally stable.

4) Foreign women are very feminine.

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