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5) Foreign women were not raised to use sex as a reward they give.

Will a foreign woman become Americanized nagging bitch after moving to the US?

It’s possible, but it’s not likely. Your odds of having a happy relationship with the non-American raised woman are infinitely greater. First of all, she was not raised in an anti-male culture. She

was also raised to be a lot less spoiled, self-centered, and have a lot less expectations. A lot of foreign women living in the US with American husbands/ boyfriends look at native born North American women as pathetic children, not real women. Many foreign women choose not even to socialize with North American women; as they have their own culture that they prefer.

SingleAbroad.com deals with this issue in greater detail. Some men

actually prefer to spend time abroad and date women there, but not bring them to the US.

Surely not all American women are damaged goods.

Sure there are exceptions. The real issue is why would you look for a

rare exception among American women when there are tens of millions of foreign women who’ll make much better wives or girlfriends. Marrying or even seriously dating an American woman is simply an unacceptable risk. Let’s say you find a woman who does not seem overly selfish and materialistic. How do you know if her core beliefs are not anti-male?

How do you know she will not become confrontational and preoccupied with fairness after marriage? How do you know she does not have personality disorders that will cause her to always be depressed, etc? How do you know she’ll continue having regular sex after marriage?

How do I tell my parents I don’t really want to get married, or I don’t want to marry an American woman?

You parents were raised with different values. That’s the main reason marriage in prior generations lasted. You have to explain to them that things have changed, and marriage to an American woman is the dumbest thing a man can do today. It will take them a while to understand it, but they eventually will.

Are things really as bad as you are describing?

Things are only bad if you get suckered into marrying an American woman or having children with an American woman. Things are better than ever if you don’t want to get married at all, or if you find a foreign woman who was raised in a culture conducive to being a good wife.

Chapter 24

Marriage and relationship quotes.

Marriage is a farce --a social construct that binds two people together when it is quite possible (if not probable) that each of them will grow to want different things out of life. Too often --instead

of acknowledging this basic fact, one tries to "change" the other, or each tries to change the other. OR --they both cave "for the sake of saving the marriage" while sacrificing happiness in the only life that

they know for sure that they have...

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