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NYC and LA have the most psychotic and mentally unstable women. You'll be dating one psychotic bitch after another. But many are hot.

• Boston Stuck-up women. Not worth any effort.

• Denver Stuck up women. Ski/outdoor culture attracts more young men than women.

• San Diego Smaller version of Los Angeles.

The Best Medium size to Big Cities (in alphabetical order)

• Chicago, IL

• Dallas, TX

• Kansas City, MO

• Milwaukee, WI

• Minneapolis/St Paul, MN

• Nashville, TN

• Oklahoma City, OK

• Omaha, NE

• St Louis, MO

The best Small to Medium size Cities

• Baton Rouge, LA -big college population

• Charleston, SC

• Knoxville, TN -big college population

• Little Rock, AR

• Madison, WI -big college population

• Savannah, GA

The best college towns College towns are small, but they may offer a good lifestyle to single men. They have a variety of things to do, plus there are many college women to choose from.

• Athens, GA

• Auburn, AL

• Iowa City, IA

Comments on other cities

• Austin, TX

The problem with Austin is that every feminist bitch in Texas moves there. But it's a great city overall. So it's a bit of a mixed bag. Austin probably belongs on the list of the best cities though.

Portland, OR and Pacific Northwest in general Better than San Francisco, but the same general problems.

Conclusion I am not suggesting that Midwestern and Southern women will make good wives and good mothers. But they are definitely less damaged goods than women in large coastal cities.

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