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Final thoughts

Take a couple of days off work and go to divorce court. Do it, particularly if you are still considering marrying an American woman. Divorce court is where the true colors of American women are in full

display. It is an extremely eye opening experience. It will really help you understand how selfish and hypocritical American women really are.

I would like to thank you for buying my book. No Marriage is by no means satirical or exaggerated. It’s meant to be an accurate portrayal of contemporary marriage and contemporary American women. I hope that it helped you decide if you want to get married in the near future and if your girlfriend will make a good wife.

I’ll finish the book by looking at marriage from a different angle. Let’s think about all the effort being put into promoting and encouraging marriage. Think of how much government promotes marriage.

Think of how much every woman promotes marriage. Go to any bookstore and look at a long list of women’s magazines and women’s self-help books – they all promote marriage. Think of how much TV, movies, and the media in general promote marriage. Think of how much religious organizations promote marriage. Think of the army of psychiatrists, psychologists, marriage counselors, and other marriage and relationships “experts” who all promote marriage.

And with all this marriage promotion, over 50% of marriages end up in divorce, and the majority of those not ending up in divorce are in horrible shape. Something is clearly not working here.

I don’t know of any other aspect of our lives where so much effort is being put into promoting something that fails so miserably.



Fire Your Wife


First Edition

Copyright © 2004

Jon Hertzog


This book is not a legal text and the information contained within does

not constitute legal advice.

The author is not a lawyer and does not claim to be a lawyer. The words in this book constitute an expression of the freedom of the press. The author is not responsible for the actions, results, or events that may

occur in the lives of any readers of this book.

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