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fashioned obligations (being modest and ladylike, being a housewife, etc).

They want the positives of equality (rights, equal access to work and education, etc) without the responsibilities (paying your own way financially a full 50% for life, taking risks with no safety net, and taking your lumps without complaint like men do...not expecting to be protected or sheltered from harsh reality, etc).

You can't take only the good from both systems...you have to take the bad with the good in any balance you strike. When women try to have their cake and eat it in this way, the bad doesn't disappear...it gets paid by men, and this is why the current culture is one of exploitation by selfish hypocritical women...and it's why men are tired of the inequity.

If American women chose one system or the other and took their full share of the bad with the good there would be no problem. But current American culture discourages women being looked at critically, instead projecting all blame unjustly onto men; and so the inequity is rationalized away.

This is why other cultures which haven't got this fucked up as far as gender relations go, start to look attractive. The women there expect to give as well as get.

Courtesy:  http://www.nomarriage.com/nosense.html


Examples of modern American women.  

The following was copied from the website of a woman critical of my site. This woman obviously thinks she is perfect, and that one day she will make a great wife. And somebody will probably marry her and then wonder why his marriage is not going well.

4.31am - Arrive home. Briefly debate removing make up, before concluding

that there's nothing in my house that couldn't be improved by a little

glittery eyeshadow smeared over it. Go to bed.

5.50am - Wake with terrible desire for Ribena.

6.32am - Throw up. Reflect that although can quite easily identify the

cause of the purple component, the bright yellow remains a mystery.

6.48am - Throw up again. Remember falteringly the previous night's

experiments with yellow chartreuse, hitting self hard on the forehead all

the while.

7.07am - Fall asleep on bathroom floor.

8.44am - Wake, remove contact lenses, go back to sleep.

10.22am - Wake up with very bad feeling in the spleen area due to sudden

recollection of phone call to ex boyfriend at two in the morning and

inability to remember what was said. Check call duration: seven minutes.

Jesus fuck Jesus fuck.

10.59am - Wake with earth-splitting headache: go in search of and locate

the last two remaining Nurofen in the house.

11.15am - Throw up last two remaining Nurofen in the house. Swear


2.03pm - Woken by the arrival of text message from ex boyfriend, pissing

himself over seven-minute long answerphone message left last night of

which he cannot make out a word.

3.11pm - Look for breakfast food. Have cornflakes but no milk, and tea

bags but no kettle. Where is kettle?

3.17pm - Locate kettle half under bed in apparent abortive attempt to make

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