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The purpose of this book is to entertain.


Chapter 1 -page 3

Is your wife depressed and generally unhappy?

Chapter 2 -page 5 How modern American women typically approach divorce. Why it’s important that you prepare for divorce.

Chapter 3 -page 7 Things to do and not to do when you are preparing for divorce.

Chapter 4 -page 18 Withdrawing and hiding money before you get divorced.

Chapter 5 -page 23 Document illegal and unethical things your wife does.

Chapter 6 -page 24 If you want custody of children.

Chapter 7 -page 28 Marital torts. Consider filing one and know that your wife may file one against you.

Chapter 8 -page 30 Prenuptial and Postnuptial contract can be challenged in court.

Chapter 9 -page 31 Warning signs that your wife is preparing to divorce you.

Chapter 10 -page 34 Divorce advice your wife will be getting.

Chapter 1

Is your wife depressed and generally unhappy?

There are many reasons people get divorced. I don't want to discuss most of these reasons here. If you want to divorce for whatever reason, then it’s not for me to have an opinion on that.

But I want to discuss the possible depression and general unhappiness your wife may have. Woman’s depression as the reason for divorce is given very little attention, but it's either the main reason or the

important contributing reason to why Americans get divorced. It’s important for two reasons:

1. You need to be able to understand if it’s happening and if it’s having negative affect on you.

2. You need to understand that your wife will likely behave irrationally and in vindictive manner during divorce (including possibly fabricating accusations against you in front of the judge). Several things contribute to why western women get depressed and unhappy after marriage:

1. Conflict between "being taken care by a strong man" fairy tale she was listening to since childhood and having a powerful and fulfilling career. This conflict gets much worse when she has children and has to make choices and compromises between career and being with children.

2. Conflict between being an independent woman and a wife. Western women are always told that they

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