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need to be independent and "grow as an individual". That inevitably comes in conflict with being a wife and thinking of herself as one unit with her husband. Western women spend a lot of time thinking if they are "truly fulfilled". The more they think about it, the more depressed they usually get.

3. Stress. Women are often stressed over superficial things like which shoes to wear. After she has children she is also stressed because of the new responsibilities, time, and financial commitments. Stress is a leading contributing factor to depression.

4. Personality Disorders and being mentally unstable. A large percentage of western women have personality disorder(s) since they were teens. A lot of women are on medication. Many personality disorders have depression as one of the main symptoms.

All the above contributing factors usually come together when she is in her mid thirties and has small children. From that point on the husband is usually stuck dealing with increasingly depressed and unhappy wife who views her husband as a walking paycheck and who blames him for

everything. The menopause in her 40s further increases her depression and unhappiness with her present life and the present husband.

Western women often start getting depressed since they were 18 years old. Society tells women that they're not successful unless they can get a gorgeous, well-paid man (yet someone who does not work too much and spends a lot of time at home), and have kids. They're told this from when they're tiny kids. Then, as they get older they're told they also have to have successful and fulfilling jobs. They are also told that they are not successful unless they are "truly fulfilled and grow as a person".

Your wife probably asks herself if she is "truly happy" and "truly fulfilled", as well as "growing as a person". She probably reads selfhelp books and magazine articles that deal with these subjects. One

thing almost all of these books have in common is that they are written by men-hating feminists. The more she reads these books and articles, the more she will start thinking that she is not happy in life and in marriage and that you are the main (and possibly the only) reason for that.

Her female friends, women's magazines, and daytime TV shows will reinforce these feeling even further. The media will also reinforce her sense of general helplessness.

Women also greatly underestimates emotional and financial costs of raising children. 80% of women get at least short-term form of postpartum depression after they give birth. Many stay depressed for

years after that.

All these things contribute to women's sense of hopelessness and confusion and lead to their depression and you being trapped and blamed for everything.

Chapter 2

How modern American women typically approach divorce.

Why it’s important that you prepare for divorce.

At some point modern American woman decides she wants a divorce for whatever (often petty) reason.

She plans out the divorce in detail, taking her time shutting down all her feelings for the man. She does this by building up a mental store of his every fault -real, exaggerated or imagined, until she hates the guy -which is what allows her to cut off her feelings for him.

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