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accusations above. Another court order can freeze your finances.

You need to prepare for divorce and file for divorce first in order to improve your odds of getting a fair divorce.

Chapter 3

Things to do and not to do when you are preparing for divorce.

Preparing for divorce can take several months or even longer.

What not to do -be in denial about your future divorce and not preparing for it.

What to do -prepare for divorce, then divorce.

What not to do -act before you properly prepare for divorce.

What to do -prepare everything, then act.

What not to do -start treating your wife badly.

What to do -treat her better than ever while you are preparing divorce (but do not overdo it, or she may get suspicious).

What not to do -argue with your wife and threaten divorce.

What to do -prepare, then file for divorce.

What not to do -assume that your prenuptial and postnuptial contracts are bullet-proof.

What to do -know that your wife may challenge their validity (see chapter 8).

What not to do -feeling guilty about your divorce preparation.

What to do – prepare. You wife will prepare for you if you do not.

What not to do -think that your wife will be rational and fair during divorce.

What to do -ASSUME she will be completely irrational, vindictive, and start acting in bad faith.

What not to do -assume the divorce court will be fair towards you.

What to do -prepare the best you can and leave as little for the court to decide as possible.

What not to do -assume that your wife is not preparing to divorce you.

What to do -assume that she is, or assume nothing in that regard.

What not to do -withdraw money in a lump sum the day before you file for divorce (although that may still be better than leaving the money there).

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