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Ask the lawyer what he does charge for, and what he does not charge for.

Make sure that the lawyer is billing you for the actual time expended. Ask for itemized monthly bills.

Establish your wife's fault before filing for divorce, if possible.

Fault is usually not necessary to get divorced today; but your wife's fault will help you during divorce. The most common reasons to establish her fault are:

• Adultery

• Mental abuse and cruelty

• Physical abuse

• Alcohol and drug abuse

Never say anything to anyone that you don't want to be used in court against you.

Divorce is a legal process. Any time you are involved in any legal process, the less you talk the better.

Open a post office box.

All the mail related to your divorce preparation should be going there. You can also start sending your bank statements and other financial statements to your PO box.

Get a pre-paid phone.

Use it for all phone calls your wife and her future divorce attorney do not need to know about. That's particularly crucial if you have a girlfriend, or you are talking with people related to your divorce

preparation, but you should do it regardless. Your phone records is another thing her divorce lawyer will be going through. Virgin mobile works well for pre-paid wireless. You buy the phone and pre-paid minutes (buy it with cash obviously), then activate it by phone or online (do it from the computer your wife has no access to). Don't give Virgin your name or any real information about you. Then buy extra minutes from 7Eleven or other places they are sold by paying cash (you don’t want $50 charge for Virgin Pre-paid Mobile on your CC statement).

Get free web-based email like mail.yahoo.com or hotmail.com.

Use it for everything related to your divorce preparation, your financial information, and everything else your wife does not need to know about. Do not log into your email account on the computer your wife has access to (more on that later on in the chapter).

Do not exaggerate your net worth and income on loan applications.

Your loan applications where you exaggerate your income/net worth can be used against you in divorce court.

Start hiding valuable items you own and items that hold sentimental value to you.

Start removing these items from the house and store them in a secure location your wife does not know about. But only do it if your wife does not notice. Otherwise do it right before you file for divorce.

Fire your stockbrokers/financial advisors if they talk to your wife.

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