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You do not want people knowledgeable about your finances talking to your wife. Either manage your finances yourself until the divorce is over, or hire someone your wife does not know and will not find out about.

Hide all your current and past financial records from your wife and remove any copies of your past financial records your wife may have.

Remove your bank statements, tax returns, deeds, wills, etc… Don’t forget to remove any electronic records (computer hard drive, copies on CDs, etc – more on that below). Do it without alarming your wife. The less financial records your wife has and the less she knows about your

finances, the better. Replace your compute hard drive.

Replace your computer hard drive when you start preparing for divorce. Also, hide or destroy all the backups of your hard drive data you may have made. Your computer hard drive probably has your financial records and account numbers and has things that can be used against you in divorce court (records of you emailing other women, porn, or even looking at websites such as FireYourWife.com can in theory be used against you).

Buy another hard drive for your computer, put the same operating system and software as your existing hard drive and replace them. Or you can say that the old hard drive crashed, everything on it was lost, and you replaced it. Do not just erase the data on your old drive or reformat it; buy a new drive and replace them. Once you replaced the hard drive, stop using your home computer to look at sensitive information on the web, read your email (your wife can make copies of emails you send and read) and keep personal information on this computer.

Basically use the home computer to play Solitaire and look at ESPN.com.

Keep the old hard drive where your wife will not find it or destroy it. You can also buy a small portable hard-drive (some of the new once will fit on a keychain) and use it to store the sensitive information you don't want your wife to have access to. Or just buy a small laptop or PDA your wife does not know about and make sure she does not find it (she will be very curious about it if she finds it).

The bottom line is that your computer probably knows a lot more about

you than you realize and this information can really hurt you during


One day before you file for divorce:

• Close all your credit cards your wife has access to. Notify CC companies in writing that you are canceling the cards and will not be responsible for any charges after the present date. Make copies and

mail them by certified mail.

• Close all the department stores cards in a similar manner as credit

cards above.

• Close all your joined accounts, all bank overdrafts, bank credit

lines, or any other credit lines your wife can tap into.

• Remove items from the bank safe deposit box that’s under your name or both of your names. Your wife can at any time get a court order

preventing you from accessing your safe deposit box.

• Put money that were in your joined account into another account in a

different bank that's under your name only. Don't hide the money that

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