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Do not mention your girlfriend to your wife and preferably anyone else.

You might be surprised how many of your “friends” may start helping your wife during your divorce. You GF will give your wife extra sympathy and advantage in divorce court. Watch out for private investigators.

Don’t move out of the house during divorce.

Not unless the court orders you.

Research the potential judge(s) who might sit on your case.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. Either you or your lawyer has to make sure the judge is not prejudicial. Try to get a different judge if the judge has a history of making pro-women divorce decisions. Replacing the judge during the divorce is something most men probably do not think about, yet it may be the single most important thing you can do to make your divorce outcome favorable to you. Talk to your lawyer about the potential judges and potentially replacing them. Please email me

anonymously to FireYourWife@yahoo.com or anonymously send me your divorce story from a link on FireYourWife.com if you manage to replace the judge during the divorce.

During the divorce:

• Change your lawyer if he/she does not seem to be acting in your best


• Do not sign anything unless you understand it completely.

• Try to agree to child support based on the children’s needs, not your


• Do not agree to pay future medical expenses for your ex-wife or

children, or any future undetermined bills. Do not agree to pay

anything that is open-ended and opened to interpretation.

File for divorce before the tenth anniversary.

Find out after how many years your wife is entitled to more in your

state; file for divorce before the anniversary.

Chapter 4

Withdrawing and hiding money before you get divorced.

"Secrets are not necessarily bad. Putting money away can be a wonderful thing for a relationship" -exact quote from a divorce book for women.

Withdrawing money from your bank account and keeping it elsewhere is 100% legal. There is no law that says that you can not keep money hidden in your house or in some secret location. There is also no law that says you have to tell your wife you withdrew $500 from your account (or your joined account) just like there is no law that says your wife has to get your permission before buying $500 purse with your credit card.

Start withdrawing several hundred to several thousand dollars per month (or more if is consistent with your lifestyle) from your account and hide it.

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