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Withdrawing a lot of money right before filing for divorce will put you in unfavorable positions in front of the judge. You need to withdraw reasonably small (reasonably small for your lifestyle) amounts over the period of months or years. So the sooner you start withdrawing money,

the better.

If you start withdrawing a lot more money than is reasonably consistent with your lifestyle, then you may want to try the “lost money gambling” angle. Go to a casino and withdraw the money there (ATM, bank transfer) in chips. Then convert your chips back into cash later. Make sure you have records of gambling inside the casino and preferably staying in a nearby hotel overnight. Use your credit card to pay for things inside the casino and the hotel so there are records of you being there. Make sure you understand that your “gambling problem” will probably hurt your chances of getting the custody of children.

Here are some of the places you can keep the money once you withdraw it:

Withdrawing money and not keeping it in a bank.

You may decide to hide the money in the house. There are many places in your house you might be able to hide the money. You obviously need to put the money where a thief is not likely to find it. So avoid hiding money in places where a thief will usually look -obvious places that are locked, and places like desk drawers and bottoms of closet drawers.

Keeping money in the house may be dangerous if your wife suspects you might be doing it. She has literally hundreds of hours to look for money if she suspects your are hiding it in the house.

Here are some alternatives to keeping the money in the house:

Rent another apartment and hide the money there.

Rent storage space and keep the money there.

Keep the money in someone else's house.

Have someone else open a safe deposit box and keep the money there.

Hide the money somewhere in a secret outdoor location (usually a wooded area). You obviously need to make sure the money (or other things you are hiding) do not get found accidentally and do not get

wet or destroyed/damaged by other natural elements. I would not recommend keeping the money in the bank safe deposit box under your name because your wife can get a restraining order barring you from accessing your bank safe deposit box. You definitely don’t want to keep the money there if your relationship with your wife is already confrontational.

Do not hide the money in your car. There is too much risk of the car getting stolen.

You can also buy and hide gold or other small valuable items instead of cash.

Your friend or relative can keep your money in his account.

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