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Your friend or relative can open an account under his name and address that you'll be using to deposit money.

A few things to consider here:

• Your friend can just take your money and tell you to get lost. So you need to think long and hard if you really trust the person.

• Your friend can tell your wife. You need to think about that. He has to be unconditionally on your side and not your wife's side. Your wife may be calling your friends and relatives during divorce asking them for information and to be witnesses against you.

Your friend can die. You probably don't want to do it with someone who is very old or very ill.

• Your friend can get in tax trouble, child support trouble, or get

sued. You basically want to do it with someone who is not likely to get in trouble.

You can not write checks from your account and deposit them into your friend’s account. There can be no paper trial or electronic trial between your account(s) and your friend's account.

You also don't want to deposit too much money into his account because IRS might ask your friend where this money came from. The amount of money you deposit should be proportional to how much your friend makes (unless he is wealthy, in which case you can deposit whatever is consistent with his other financial transactions). 20% of his yearly income every year is probably reasonable; so don't put more that $10,000 a year if he makes $50,000.

The best way to put money into his account is to deposit cash. But you don't want to have $1,000 withdrawals from your account on the 15th of each month, and $1,000 cash deposits into his account on the 16th (particularly if he is your close relative). So make a lot of small withdrawals, but several large deposits, or vice versa.

The account should be non-interest bearing, or you can give your friend cash for the tax he'll be paying on the interest the account earns.

Opening bank account(s) that your wife is less likely to find.

Get Sole proprietor business tax ID and use it instead of your SSN to open the account.

Get driver license (or ID card) from another state. You'll have a different drivers license number to use.

Use your passport instead of your drivers license to open the account. Or use another ID if the bank will accept it instead of drivers license (you don't want your regular drivers license number and SSN on the account)

Use your foreign passport if you have one.

Don't use the same spelling of your name. Use middle name (particularly if you technically have it but usually do not use it), or don't use middle name if you normally use it.

Open a PO box and use it for the bank statements. Don't use this PO box for any other mail.

Have the account be non-interest bearing.

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