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Abusing children

Women abuse children a lot more often than people think; majority of child abuse is at the hands of mothers. If there are signs/evidence that your wife abuses your children, video or audio record it if possible (or take photos and otherwise document it), then call police and/or file criminal action against your wife and seek her incarceration. Have your children interviewed by psychologist right away to document your claim.

Threats or Physical abuse

Photograph physical evidence, including your injuries, and audio or video tape the evidence.

Call 911, report the abuse or threats, and request police intervention. When the police arrive, make sure that a complete police report is created that lists all her action (screaming, threatening, hitting you,

etc...). Calling police may be particularly effective if your wife just drank alcohol. Police will detect her intoxication and it will substantially increase the credibility of your claim. Assault and

battery claim can be proven with no physical evidence.

Calling police can be somewhat risky because police will sometimes arrest the man even though the woman is the one engaging in abusive or threatening behavior (a video or audio tape of her abuse or threats would really help you here). Still, calling police may be worth doing in many cases. Records of your wife being arrested will help you in divorce court.

Make sure you are the one calling 911 in domestic violence situation.

On an interesting sidenote, divorce books for women tell them to be very careful when calling police in abuse situations. They warn women that their husband may end up in jail, and therefore have lower pre-divorce and post-divorce income. It’s an interesting example of how divorce books for women assume that women will put their personal greed in front of safety of their children.

Mental Abuse or Cruelty

See the counsel and treatment of a psychologist if your wife mentally abuses you. It will help you document evidence of mental abuse and the psychologist can be called as an expert witness to substantiate your claims.

Keep diary with dates and times and complete summaries of abuse statements or acts. Audio or video record abuse.

Alcohol or Drug Abuse

• Photograph your wife when she is drunk or on drugs.

• Videotape or audiotape your wife getting drunk or taking drugs (don't

forget to do it at parties you may attend).

• Invite your wife to attend therapist sessions and discuss her alcohol

or drug abuse. Therapist can later testify in court against your wife.

• Records of your wife's alcohol and drug abuse will help you with your

custody. Make sure you have records of criminal arrests and convictions against your wife if they exist (during or prior to your marriage). Don't forget her charges or convictions of driving while intoxicated, public intoxication, drugs possession, or any other criminal violations.

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