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"Help" the law enforcement charge and possibly arrest you wife is she is engaging in illegal activity (including illegal drug use obviously).

Records of your wife's arrests and convictions will help you during


Chapter 6

If you want custody of children.

You will definitely need to see a qualified attorney and discuss it.

You will need to seek sole custody or primary custody. You will have to show that you will provide better overall environment for raising children than your wife and that it is in the best interest of the child to be with you (or primarily be with you).

The easiest way to do it is to show that your wife is abusive or otherwise unfit mother. The more negative evidence against your wife described in the previous chapter you have, the better your chances will be.

In addition to any evidence that your wife is abusive and otherwise unfit, record evidence of her pursuing interests that conflict with raising children. Just about anything that does not involve caring for children can be included here. Particularly things that may show that she is irresponsible, things like going out with friends to bars, or trips to Las Vegas.

Courts no longer automatically give custody to women. You do have a chance to get custody even if both of you seemingly qualify to get custody.

Things that will work in your favor as it relates to custody:

• Anything illegal and unethical she does. Any evidence against your wife described in the previous chapter.

• Your wife works long hours (or she is planning to work long hours).

• Your wife has sexual relationships with more than one person.

• Her new boyfriend sleeps over in her house.

• Your wife is not in a position to provide stability and continuity for the child.

• Your wife bad-mouths you to the child.

Your wife has a history of mental health problems (particularly


• Your wife is seeing (or saw in the past) psychiatrist or any other mental health professional.

• Your wife takes (or took in the past) anti-depression medication.

• Your wife wants to move or does not know where she really wants to live.

• Your wife is going to school. Her future life path is unclear.

• Your wife leaves children alone.

• Your wife likes to go out with friends.

• Anything else she does that may fall under the category of "Ignoring children". It can be argued that she "derelicts in her duties as a mother". You and your wife will be evaluated on the above and other factors. The more factors are in your favor, the better your chances of getting custody. Make sure and document things your wife does that will increase your chances of getting custody.

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