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you, then it can become a basis for a lawsuit.

• Domestic violence. Any threats of violence or violence described in

chapter 5 can be grounds for filing a marital tort.

• Sexual tort. You can file sexual tort claim against your wife if she

gave you sexually transmitted disease, particularly if you allege that

she had extramarital affair(s).

Below are some additional suggestions from divorce books for women. Just reverse the sexes, then you can use the same advice against her.

"By rolling the dice with a marital tort suit, you can let the court

decide just how despicable your husband is, and how much compensation you should get for putting up with him for so many years".

"Filing a tort case against a husband can create leverage to get a larger divorce settlement".

"The advantage of these particular suits is that you don't have to have solid proof as a basis for a claim to sue... The entire claim can be structured on your oral statements of evidence concerning his actions

towards you."

"Another potential benefit of a marital tort claim is that a lawyer will pursue that claim on a contingency fee basis, for a percentage of the damages awarded by the court."

"Basically, by filing a marital tort claim, you can't lose. At worst, you will get free representation on a percentage that will enable you to harass your husband for a year or more in court."

Chapter 8

Prenuptial and Postnuptial contract can be challenged in court.

Below are suggestions from divorce books for women:

"Challenge your prenuptial or postnuptial contract whenever you have any real basis for challenge, regardless how small".

"You signed the contract under false pretenses". You agreed to the contract based on an inaccurate fact or set of facts. You thought he was healthy, he turned out to be ill. You thought he could have children, he could not, etc...

"You were fraudulently induced to sign the marriage contract". Your husband had misinformed you before you signed it. He hid assets from you.

"The contract is unfair and unconscionable". The contract is unfair if it is biased in favor of your husband. So basically any good contract can be argued to be unfair and therefore void on this ground. "You should ALWAYS claim that the contract is unfair".

Challenge any contract using "Other loopholes". "The threat of the challenge may be enough to get your husband to give you more than the contract specifies".

"Even if the claim is entirely invalid, your husband's lawyer will have to charge him substantially to defend him". So it might be cheaper for your husband just to give you what you want instead of

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