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fighting your false claims.

Chapter 9

Warning signs that your wife is preparing to divorce you.

She starts spending time with new female friends.

Watch for any new female friend(s) you wife may have. Pay particular attention to women who are not friendly towards you. That may mean that your wife is learning to hate you and she is preparing to divorce you.

A lot of these women will be overweight, with short butchy hair, look asexual, and probably older than your wife. These type of women basically become older uglier mentors to your wife. They hate men and they hate you. They will brainwash your wife until she becomes one of them. You need to be seriously concerned if you start noticing your wife spending time with women like that. There is absolutely nothing you can do to get your wife back on your side at this point.

Her female friends are less friendly towards you than they used to be.

You wife started badmouthing you and she is getting ready to divorce you.

Her female friend(s) get divorced.

That may sound ridiculous, but her close friend getting divorced is likely to have a strong influence on your wife. Watch for the other signs described in this chapter ever closer.

She is becoming emotionally withdrawn, yet superficially "nice".

She is becoming emotionally withdrawn because she is learning to hate you before filing for divorce. She is superficially nice and friendly because divorce books teach her not to alarm you until the divorce is official.

She starts going out with single or divorced friends.

She is probably doing it as part of her pre-divorce withdrawal process.

She starts watching Oprah, Dr Phil, or other similar shows.

She is either preparing divorce, or just learning how to nag, be unhappy and depressed, and blame you for everything. So either you'll be getting divorced soon or your life will turn to once continuing nag.

She buys books and self-improvement, finding true meaning in life, etc…

These books will teach her that you are to blame for all her problems and that she needs to leave you in order to be happy.

She stops working.

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