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All divorce books for women emphasize that women should not work or work as little as possible before filing for divorce.

She wants to live a more lavish lifestyle.

That's another thing all divorce books for women emphasize. She wants to have a record of lavish life, so she can get as much money from you as possible during divorce and possibly get alimony after divorce.

Your wife wants to do expensive home improvements or buy expensive furniture.

She knows that she will probably keep the house with all the improvements you paid for after the divorce.

Your wife starts seeing psychologist (and gets you to pay for it).

Nothing good can come out of it. Either she is genially going crazy, or she is planning to use psychologist to accuse you of various things during divorce. "You could have the satisfaction of knowing that your husband is paying for his own character assassination" – quote from a divorce book for women.

Watch your credit cards.

All divorce books for women advice them to run up credit cards.

She is asking you about financial records and any assets she may not be aware of or she is making inquiries about your finances.

Divorce books teach her to gather all your financial records.

Your wife spends time in your office by herself.

She may drop by your office unexpectedly and say to the receptionist that she is there to drop off a gift. What she wants is to find financial documents you may be keeping in your office.

Your wife starts talking to your stockbroker or business associates about your assets.

Or she is trying to befriend your stockbroker or business associates. One trick she may use is call them and tell them that she needs some information urgently to "help her husband".

Your wife is befriending your secretary.

She is fishing for information about you. She may even try talking to your associates secretaries or your broker's secretaries.

Chapter 10

Divorce advice your wife will be getting.

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