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Below are the exact quotes from divorce books for women:

• Be unemployed for as long a period of time as possible prior to filing for divorce.

• Hire a detective to prove your husband has a bad character, and pay for the services with your husband's money.

• Always ask for more than what is fair, and substantially more than you think you deserve.

• The less disposable income he has (after divorce), the more satisfied

you can be.

• Planning for your divorce requires a minimum of six months... The more money he has, the more time you will need to develop your plan.

• Preparation for your divorce is the most important test of your life.

• Shift substantial portions monetary assets (investment accounts, retirement plans, homes, vehicles, other personal property) into your name prior to filing for divorce.

• You can be awarded more assets if you know about more assets.

• Remind yourself that it is a divorce war, everything is fair.

• Up to eighty percent of all testimony in divorce courts is either an

embellishment or an outright lie… Most divorce judges will presume that people in divorce situations will lie in court.

• Photograph all personal property.

• Find and review your husband's tax returns. Payroll stubs. Loan applications and financial statements.

• Cash checks at grocery stores.

• Use cash advances on credit cards in your husband's name.

• Buy assets... Judges overlook, or sometimes ignore, pre-divorce spending on assets.

• Redecorate the house with new furniture.

• Purchase a new car just before divorce. Be certain that your husband pays for the car in cash.

• Stay or be unemployed before divorce.

• Wait till he falls asleep. Rifle through his pockets.

• Does he fall asleep after sex? Have fun --then rifle through his pockets!

• Go to Las Vegas or Atlantic City and tell him you lost it all -except you did not.

• If your husband pays your credit card bills but won't share his cash,

charge! Then return for cash refund or resell that expensive stuff to friends.

• If you cook, serve him hamburger, not steak. Pocket the difference.

• If a bill is for $220, round it up to a nearest hundred and enter $300.

• "Pay" the same phone or utility bill three times each month.

• Always carry something to remind you of your husband...like his credit card.

• Secrets are not necessarily bad. Putting money away can be a wonderful thing for a relationship.

• The first one who gets to the bank is the one to empty the joint accounts.

• Learn to aggravate your husband whenever possible. Criticize him daily... Accuse him of having affairs (falsely)... Lend his money to your relatives... Run up his credit cards... Nag, Nag, Nag...

• Control your husband by being alternately loving and indifferent to keep him in a state of continual concern.

• His money is going to be your money anyway when he drops dead.

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