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Stay in shape, make and save money, sportfuck American women till you are 66. Then marry a hot 30 year old Latina and have a child with her. Well, 66 might be a tad extreme, but there is absolutely no reason for men to even start thinking about getting married and having children until they are in their 40s.

I am guessing Dina does not bitch at Clint and loves giving him blowjobs.

And no, you don't have to be Clink Eastwood to find a beautiful and loyal wife 20+ years younger.

Interestingly, 66 year old nagging bitches are urged to become lesbians.

Courtesy:  http://www.nomarriage.com/Dina_Ruiz.html


Majority of American women have Histrionic and Narcissistic disorders.

We are talking really serious stuff here. Most American women have at least two serious personality disorder. And having personality disorder(s) and being a good wife are mutually exclusive things. That means American women are completely unfit to be wives and mothers.

Histrionic disorder: manipulative, attention seekers, dominate the conversation, use grandiose language, seek constant praise, dress provocatively, exaggerate illnesses in order to gain attention, exaggerate friendships and relationships, believe that everyone loves them.

Narcissistic disorder: self-centered, seek attention and praise, take advantage of people, fantasize about success and power, expect favorable treatment, exaggerate achievements, have difficulty maintaining long-lasting relationships, expect others to recognize them as being superior.

Many American women also have Dependent, Obsessive-Compulsive, and Borderline disorders.

Think about the women you dated and see how many of them had the combination of: mental/biological/genetic problems (defects), tried to kill herself, depressed, mood-swings, arthritic, psychotic breakdowns, unhappy, nutcase, every condition known to man, deranged attention whore.

Learn more about personality disorders here.

More on Narcissistic disorder, lots of problems with western women are related to it:

The only reality which exists for the narcissist is their own, and even when they are repeatedly shown to be wrong or misinformed about something, they will maintain their original stance, despite all contradictory evidence, no matter how compelling.

They have no interest in understanding reality, or others. Instead, they project themselves onto the other: - in lieu of internalising the other, they externalise and generalise themselves.

It has often been noted here that it is difficult to tell whether the narcissist is stupider or madder, as there are such strong elements of both in their disposition.

And the madness is real. The narcissist will twist and distort reality to infinity in order to place themselves at the earth's center. No amount of objectivity shall be allowed to intefere with this. This is their prime objective, and they will talk any amount of nonsense to achieve it. They don't care. There is only them, and their prison is a familiar, comfortable zone. It has walls padded with velvety self-deception.

So the narcissist is not just weak, stupid, vain and unrealistic. Because if their condition was just a composite of common character flaws, they could change, grow out of it, be reasoned with. Nor is it just an act of will, for when they are shown that their interests are not best served by unflinching selfishness, there is no change.

Narcissism is a mental illness - a psychological disease which shares many characteristics with schizophrenia. It is a 'self' trapped in and constructed solely by infinite self-reflections reiterating to infinity.

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