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Is this website about all American/Western women?

Women to avoid are women interested in Career, Personal Success, Personal Growth, Finding Themselves, and Self-improvement. That includes all career women and the majority of other North American and Western European women. I mostly use "American woman" throughout the website because it bacame synonymous with everything that is wrong with modern western women. Substitute American with British, Canadian, Australian, Scandinavian, etc if you don't live in the US.

How/why did you start the website?

Around the year 2000 I was in my late 20s and I noticed that almost all American women around me are either already mentally unstable, or they become mentally unstable after marriage. So married men are forced to live their lives constantly trying to please their wife's ever-evolving needs and wants, as well as constantly trying to prove and validate themselves to their wives. I started doing surveys and researching it further. I then put together the website and wrote the book. This whole thing is a public service announcement more than anything else.

Courtesy:  http://www.nomarriage.com/faq.html


Is the website written by you?

Most of it is not. It's a collective thinking of many different men (I found most of it on various discussion forums). The book is written by me.

Why are you against children?

I am not against children at all. I just don't want my children to be raised by a modern western woman, whom I view as a selfish parasite. "Anti-children" rhetoric on my site is not about any anti-children ideology; they are just quotes that reflect the reality that many parents regret having children for whatever reasons.

Are you divorced?

I am 34. I have never been married and I don't have children. At this point I have very little contact with western women. I am not interested in getting married because I don't want to have children at this time. I will only marry a woman from Latin America if I ever decide I want to have children, and I will most likely move to Latin America permanently by then.

I am trapped in a bad marriage. What should I do?

Probably get a divorce. Then take a long vacation in Brazil so you can get a perspective on how real women should be.

Order Fire Your Wife also. The book will help you understand what is wrong with your marriage and what your next pre-divorce steps should be.

What are people saying about your site/book?

I HAD to email to say, I wish I had visited your site four years ago! I've travelled overseas a lot, and everything you write is 95% true! If I had seen your site before, I wouldn't be saddled with two kids and an ungrateful wife who cares nothing about her appearances since the marriage! I would kill, at this point, to be able to take your advice about foreign women! Anyway, for all men who haven't been suckered yet, I want to thank you much for your services and hope that everyone that sees your site takes your advice! Again, thank you.

Good to see that someone is running an informative website where men who are in denial and the inexperienced youth can go and read the truth.

This is so true...

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