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a total failure of inductive reasoning, deductive reasoning or simple pattern recognition, short attention span, superficiality, an extreme need for dependence while loudly declaring independence, etc...

Here is a list of qualities this worthless American woman expects in a man.

Courtesy:  http://www.nomarriage.com/american.html


Almost 90% of American women "marry up" to a man that earns more than they do. Coincidence? I think not.

What we see here is the typical gap between what women say (and may believe on a conscious level) and what they do (Some are conscious hypocrites, others choose wealthier men on a subconscious level, screening out less successful guys without even admitting it to themselves). Only a small minority of women at present (just over 10%) marry men who make less than them. They are the only ones who without a doubt chose men for themselves.

There is a thing called "falling in love within a framework" which means these women at a subconscious level only allow themselves to fall for men who meet their conditions in regard to success, wealth, etc. The other guys, no matter how nice, intelligent, good-natured, and self-assured, will get screened out before they are even seriously considered, in 90% of cases.

The one constant of life is that women, after you marry them, will always change. You think they are sexy and fair now? They will probably change after the wedding.

That's just the way it is, folks, no way to change it. Best thing is to look at the women's mom, married sisters, and how she was raised. That is a much better indicator than what she says when you date her.

Men lie to get sex. Women lie (like crazy) to get married. Oldest rule in the book. PS. Women will deny this all day long. Feel free to ignore their denials.

39% of American wives don't do any paid work.

Women working part-time, while their husbands work full-time in the main breadwinner position is common, but the opposite is almost unheard of.

Do you ever sense that your wife sees you as a means to an end rather than a person? Sometimes I feel like my wife loves me for what I can do for her (kids, security, whatever) but does not really care about me specifically. Many woman who are getting older want to get married, but who they marry seems less important than actually being married.

The big Red Zone for gold digging is 30-35 for most guys. That's when you're getting established enough in a career so you're not as much of a risk as a clueless student in his 20s but you're still young enough to marry and feasibly have a family. That's Very attractive to women ranging from 21 to 39.

I'm defining "gold digger" as a woman looking for security, a provider. That defines a goodly % of women. Most people think of the fake, social obsessed bleached blonde who wants jewels and a white Mercedes convertible. Still, since they both want comfort via another, I see them different more in degree than in kind.

Women want access to the three options available only to women who marry up to more successful men (which the majority do):

1) To stay home to parent

2) To mix work and parenting to their liking

3) To work full-time, but with the option to switch to either of the first two options at any time.

This is only possible if the woman is married to a man who financially subsides these choices. Then there's the after marriage option:

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